What Is Pranayama and What Are the Main Advantages?

Prana is the life power vitality that infuses livingness into each atom of existence. Pranayama is the science that expands and refines the prana inside, giving the practitioner a deeper expertise of consciousness.

Yogis have used the breath as a device to affect the stream of prana in the nadis. Nadis are the community of psychic nerves in the Pranamaya Kosha (Pranic physique) that are linked to our endocrine and nervous techniques of the Annamaya Kosha (Bodily physique).

These techniques regulate and distribute the prana for the completely different capabilities of the bodily physique.

By the observe of Pranayama, breath is used to manage and redirect the stream of prana for optimum well being.

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Right here Are the Main Advantages of Practising Pranayama

Our life-style as we speak causes persistent stress which produces an imbalance between the hypothalamus, hormones, nerves and the immune system of the physique which work in coordination to keep up an interior stability or homeostasis.

Fixed stress blocks the stream of prana in the nadis which causes mental-emotional imbalance leading to psychosomatic ailments like hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart illness, ulcers, most cancers and so on.

Respiration is one physiological perform that we will management; and by controlling, regulating and channelizing our breath we will manipulate the stream of prana inside to realize bodily, psychological, emotional and religious well being.

The cleaning Pranayamas (preserve studying for the important varieties of Pranayama) take away the toxins from the physique and enhance the elasticity and capability of lungs. The motion of the diaphragm massages the coronary heart on one finish and the digestive organs on the different facet.

Certainly one of the most essential advantages of Pranayama is that it tones our Autonomic Nervous System and balances hormonal secretion, bringing an interior stability.

Common observe of Pranayama will increase our capability to handle stress, and builds an perspective of relaxed alertness and objectivity. Most significantly, Pranayama purifies the nadis – the refined vitality channels – stabilizing the thoughts, making ready us for the larger practices of meditation.

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Right here Are 3 Main Sorts of Pranayama:


  • Cleaning (Prakshalan) Pranayama like Kapalbhati, Bhastrika
  • Tranquilizing (Prabodhan) Pranayama like Ujjayi, Sheetali-Sheetkari
  • Nadi Shodhana Pranayama (Alternate Nostril Respiration)

    There are lots of extra varieties of Pranayama breathwork, however the above are the important varieties which might be mostly practiced or taught in yoga and meditation lessons.

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    Pranayama: The Takeaway

    Pranayama provides a variety of holistic advantages at bodily, psychological/emotional and religious ranges.

    A pupil established in the practices of Pranayama begins to realize a peaceful, content material and goal mind-set, which may allow one to expertise the easy pleasures of life.

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