The Well-Known Hazards of Coronavirus Vaccines

Dr. Mercola Interviews the Specialists

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,1 son of Sen. and Legal professional Normal Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, each of whom have been tragically murdered, has continued within the footsteps of these famously brave males by standing up for the reality.

He co-founded Waterkeeper Alliance — the world’s largest clear water advocacy group — and offers authorized counsel for the Pure Assets Protection Council, which assist defend natural producers. He has additionally fought authorized battles on behalf of the Knowledgeable Consent Motion Community, based by Del Bigtree, and chairs the board of administrators of the Kids’s Well being Protection.2

Kennedy wrote a superb foreword to Judy Mikovits’ ebook “Plague of Corruption,” wherein he quotes his father saying, “Ethical braveness is the rarest species of bravery … rarer than the bodily braveness of troopers in battle or nice intelligence.” His father believed “ethical braveness was one of essentially the most important qualities required to vary the world,” Kennedy says.

Whereas Kennedy was referring to Mikovits’ ethical braveness, the identical may be mentioned for Kennedy himself, whose profession as an environmental lawyer and activist is constructed on defending those that can not defend themselves.

This consists of kids who’re being harmed by vaccines which have but to be examined for security, particularly when given together with different vaccines. In September 2018, Kennedy proved the U.S. Division of Well being and Human Providers (HHS) violated its mandate for safer childhood vaccines as stipulated within the Vaccine Damage Compensation Act.3

What Occurred to Trump’s Vaccine Security Fee?

When President Trump was elected, he contacted Kennedy and requested him to run his Vaccine Security Fee. Sadly, the Security Fee by no means acquired off the bottom:

I agreed to do it, however instantly after that, Pfizer wrote a $1 million verify to his inauguration committee. He then appointed a Pfizer lobbyist, Alex Azar, to run the HHS, and he handpicked a Pfizer insider, Scott Gottlieb, to run the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration. As quickly as they acquired in there, they shut down the Vaccine Security Fee and some other questioning of vaccines,” Kennedy says.

“I feel quite a bit of individuals have been telling him, ‘You should not be doing this,’ and [Bill] Gates was one of them. However I feel as soon as he took the cash from Pfizer and put of their guys, [the commission] was useless within the water.”

Coronavirus Vaccine Improvement Has Failed for Many years

Kennedy goes on to share some of his insights and tackle what Judy discusses in her ebook, the potential relationship between the flu vaccine and COVID-19, and his views on the COVID-19 vaccines presently being fast-tracked. With regard to the COVID-19 vaccine, he says:

“We’re all ready for a vaccine, and in the event that they provide you with a vaccine they usually’ve really carried out actual security testing on it, and the vaccine works, I might be completely happy to have the vaccine. However the issue is they are not [safety] testing it at this level …

Folks have tried for a few years — for 3 many years — to create a coronavirus vaccine. The coronavirus may be tremendous virulent, tremendous lethal and tremendous transmissible, or it may be gentle, like a chilly. The Chinese language have been attempting to [develop a vaccine] … and while you attempt to create a vaccine, what you do is you speed up evolution.”

How you can Speed up the Evolution of a Virus

As defined by Kennedy, the way in which they speed up evolution is by taking the coronavirus from the anus of the bat and replicate it in animal tissue corresponding to pangolin kidney tissue. Subsequent, the grown viruses are positioned on feral monkey kidney cells, adopted by mouse mind tissue.

Every time you switch the virus to a different animal tissue, you enhance the danger of zoonotic animal virus contamination in addition to mutations. In response to Kennedy, six years of evolution may be achieved in a matter of days utilizing this accelerated evolution course of. By this course of, extraordinarily viral varieties of the virus may be quickly created. Sometimes, milder varieties are used to create a vaccine. As defined by Kennedy:

“You’ll be able to take a gentle kind and provides an individual that gentle kind, and they do not actually get sick. They develop the antibodies, and that is the idea [behind vaccination]. However there are causes that they wish to create these tremendous viral varieties. One is, most of the labs the place they do it, like Fort Detrick in [the U.S.] and Wuhan lab in China, will not be solely vaccine labs however they’re additionally army labs.

So, they wish to fiddle and take a look at these viruses that they might be able to weaponize. Not solely that, the people who find themselves creating vaccines wish to create tremendous viral varieties. They offer them to mice who’ve been genetically engineered to have a human immune system, basically. Then they attempt to treatment them.

These experiments have been occurring in america till 2014. They have been Dr. Anthony Fauci’s initiatives. President Obama ordered that to cease as a result of they’d quite a bit of lab escape issues in 2014 from three totally different labs …

As an alternative of stopping as he was ordered, Fauci moved these operations to the Wuhan lab in China and continued to do these experiments proper up till the time that the coronavirus [pandemic occurred]. Actually, [infectious disease expert] Ian Lipkin was doing these experiments over there when [COVID-19] exploded. And I will inform you precisely what occurred as a result of it’s extremely suspicious.”

Was SARS-CoV-2 Launched to Safeguard Continued Analysis?

Kennedy continues telling the story of how the COVID-19 epidemic might have been generated — by releasing the virus — to make sure that harmful coronavirus analysis would proceed and obtain recent funding:

“When President Trump got here in, Obama had an workplace within the White Home for pandemic protection, for pandemic safety. They have been concerned in funding [coronavirus research projects in Wuhan] by way of Fauci. President Trump ended all funding for that workplace September 20, 2019. In order that was the final paycheck any of these scientists acquired.

On September 30 [2019], a complete lot of scientists have been laid off in Wuhan. October 1 is when the primary case of [COVID-19 was reported]. So, it is suspicious as a result of it seems to be like there is a risk — and I am speculating right here; I wish to make that clear — however there is a risk that anyone who misplaced their job in that lab … might have launched the virus.

As a result of, instantly, it created an instantaneous marketplace for individuals with that specific skillset, which is to review make a coronavirus vaccine. So, you would go from unemployed to extremely employed virtually in a single day in the event you launched one of these microorganisms they have been creating in that lab. I do not know if that occurred, however that is one thing that must be [investigated].”

Most Journalists Now Act as Pharmaceutical Reps

A fair broader agenda seems to be the introduction of a much more authoritarian regime, together with the switch of wealth from common individuals to the richest by way of a deliberate financial collapse.

“After all, that is hypothesis,” Kennedy says, “and it is stuff that if we have been residing in a real democracy the place there was a free press that was really permitted to ask these questions and speculate on that, then we’d be doing an investigation of these questions. We’ve got a proper to know and all of us must know the reply.

Sadly, journalists at this time are now not journalists, they’re pharmaceutical reps … You are an enormous menace to them as a result of you aren’t half of the pharmaceutical [establishment].

You are telling individuals the reality, which is that there are issues with germ idea, and that the [first line of defense] now we have towards sickness of all types, together with infectious illness, is a extremely robust immune system. And that our immune system features in an evolution-intended [way], which is to fend off billions, a whole bunch of billions of infectious viruses each single day.”

Coronavirus Vaccine Might Be a Catastrophe Ready to Occur

Kennedy goes on to summarize the historical past of coronavirus vaccine growth, which started after three SARS epidemics had damaged out, beginning in early 2002.

“The first one was a pure epidemic that had moved from bats to human beings. The second two have been lab-created organisms the place individuals have been experimenting with the coronavirus … That is noncontroversial. Everyone accepts that.

The Chinese language, the Individuals, the Europeans all acquired collectively and mentioned, ‘We have to develop a vaccine towards coronavirus.’ Round 2012, they’d about 30 vaccines that appeared promising. They took the 4 finest of these and … manufactured the vaccines. They gave these vaccines to ferrets, that are the closest analogy while you’re lung infections in human beings.

The ferrets had an awfully good antibody response, and that’s the metric by which FDA licenses vaccines. Vaccines, as you recognize, are by no means examined within the discipline. They by no means give 5,000 individuals the vaccine, 5,000 individuals a placebo vaccine, after which inform them to exit and dwell life and watch what occurs to these individuals. That by no means occurs.

The manner that vaccines get licensed is that FDA provides individuals a vaccine or the business provides them the vaccines, after which they do a serological response [test to] see ‘Did you develop in your blood antibodies to that concentrate on virus?’ The ferrets developed very robust antibodies, in order that they thought, ‘We hit the jackpot.’ All 4 of these vaccines … labored like a allure.

Then one thing horrible occurred. These ferrets have been then uncovered to the wild virus, they usually all died. [They developed] irritation in all their organs, their lungs stopped functioning they usually died.

Then these scientists remembered that the identical factor had occurred within the 1960s after they tried to develop an RSV vaccine, which is an higher respiratory sickness similar to coronavirus.

On the time, they didn’t take a look at it on animals. They went proper to human testing. They examined it on I take into consideration 35 kids, and the identical factor occurred. The kids developed a champion antibody response, sturdy, sturdy. It appeared good, after which the kids have been uncovered to the wild virus they usually all turned sick. Two of them died. They deserted the vaccine. It was a giant embarrassment to FDA and NIH …

These scientists in 2012 remembered that, they usually mentioned, ‘That is the identical factor that occurred [back then].’ So, they give the impression of being nearer they usually understand that there are two varieties of antibodies that have been being produced by the coronavirus. There are neutralizing antibodies, that are the type you need, which battle the illness, after which there are binding antibodies.

The binding antibodies really create a pathway for the illness in your physique, they usually set off one thing known as … a paradoxical immune response or paradoxical immune enhancement. What which means is that it seems to be good till you get the illness, after which it makes the illness a lot, a lot worse …

Coronavirus vaccines may be very harmful, and that is why even our enemies, individuals who hate you and me — Peter Hotez, Paul Offit, Ian Lipkin — are all saying, ‘You bought to be actually, actually cautious with this vaccine.’”

Dengue Vaccine Led to Felony Prosecution

In response to Kennedy, the identical factor occurred in 2014 with the dengue vaccine DENVax, which Fauci owns the patent on. “They knew from the scientific trials that there was an issue with paradoxical immune response,” Kennedy says, however they gave it to a number of hundred thousand Filipino children anyway.

They acquired an amazing immune response from the vaccine, however these uncovered to wild dengue acquired horribly sick and 600 of the kids died. “Immediately, the Philippine authorities is prosecuting criminally a bunch of the individuals domestically who have been concerned in that call,” Kennedy says.

Coronavirus Mutates Quickly

One other downside with coronavirus vaccines is that coronaviruses mutate very quickly. Kennedy cites a current Chinese language examine4 — “Patent-Derived Mutations Affect Pathogenicity of SARS-CoV-2” — which was additionally reported within the New York Submit5 April 21, 2020, wherein they appeared on the coronavirus strains present in a whole bunch of sufferers. They recognized greater than 30 totally different strains, 19 of which had beforehand not been seen. In response to the authors:6

“Present genomic survey knowledge counsel that single nucleotide variants (SNVs) are considerable … Right here we report purposeful characterizations of 11 patient-derived viral isolates, all of which have at least one mutation. Importantly, these viral isolates present vital variation in cytopathic results and viral load, as much as 270-fold variations, when infecting Vero-E6 cells.

We noticed intrapersonal variation and 6 totally different mutations within the spike glycoprotein (S protein), together with 2 totally different SNVs that led to the identical missense mutation. Subsequently, we offer direct proof that the SARS-CoV-2 has acquired mutations succesful of considerably altering its pathogenicity.”

As famous by Kennedy, the query is, in the event you vaccinate towards one of these strains, will it defend towards the remainder? Or may the coronavirus act extra just like the influenza virus, the place the vaccine will solely provide you with a slender band of immune response and/or may really improve harm from different strains?

“The World Well being Group and the British Medical Providers are actually saying there isn’t a proof that even getting an an infection from the coronavirus equips you with antibodies that may defend you sooner or later.

They’re seeing quite a bit of reinfection of individuals who acquired COVID-19, acquired higher, after which acquired [sick from] coronavirus once more. If that is true, then it is unlikely that any vaccine will work as a result of pure an infection at all times [gives you] a wider band immune response than a vaccine.”

Flu Vaccination Will increase Threat of Coronavirus An infection

Mikovits has robust beliefs on this concern, as she would not consider COVID-19 is because of SARS-CoV-2 alone however, fairly, that the virus might serve to activate latent XMRV retroviral an infection. She factors out that retroviruses, not coronaviruses, are what trigger the attribute cytokine storm signature noticed in COVID-19. Mikovits suspects that in individuals who shouldn’t have retroviral infections, SARS-CoV-2 causes no or solely gentle signs.

Like Mikovits, Kennedy cites a Pentagon examine7 revealed within the January 10, 2020, concern of the Vaccine journal, which discovered you’re 36% extra more likely to get coronavirus an infection in the event you acquired the influenza vaccine in 2017 or 2018. As famous on this examine, titled “Influenza Vaccination and Respiratory Virus Interference Amongst Division of Protection Personnel Throughout the 2017-2018 Influenza Season”:

“Receiving influenza vaccination might enhance the danger of different respiratory viruses, a phenomenon referred to as virus interference. Check-negative examine designs are sometimes utilized to calculate influenza vaccine effectiveness.

The virus interference phenomenon goes towards the essential assumption of the test-negative vaccine effectiveness examine that vaccination doesn’t change the danger of an infection with different respiratory sickness, thus doubtlessly biasing vaccine effectiveness leads to the constructive course.

This examine aimed to research virus interference by evaluating respiratory virus standing amongst Division of Protection personnel based mostly on their influenza vaccination standing. Moreover, particular person respiratory viruses and their affiliation with influenza vaccination have been examined.”

Outcomes have been blended. Apparently sufficient, whereas seasonal influenza vaccination didn’t increase the danger of all respiratory infections, it was in actual fact “considerably related to unspecified coronavirus (which means it didn’t particularly point out SARS-CoV-2) and human metapneumovirus” (hMPV).

These who had obtained a seasonal flu shot have been 36% extra more likely to contract coronavirus an infection and 51% extra more likely to contract hMPV an infection than unvaccinated people.8

Trying on the signs checklist for hMPV9 can be telling, as the primary signs embrace fever, sore throat and cough. The aged and immunocompromised are at heightened danger for extreme hMPV sickness, the signs of which embrace issue respiration and pneumonia. All of these signs additionally apply for COVID-19. Once more, whereas this examine didn’t take a look at SARS-CoV-2 particularly, it did take a look at coronaviruses, so “It’s a crimson flag,” Kennedy says, including:

“That examine is just not alone. We have discovered — and I’ve posted these on my Instagram — at the least 10 different research that say, ‘Should you get the flu vaccine, you are more likely to get a non-flu respiratory viral an infection.’ The danger goes up, in some of these research, about 600%. In another of these research, lower than that — 200%, 300%, 400%.

However just about all of these research present that the flu vaccine really makes you extra inclined to coronavirus, and there could also be causes for that. It has been speculated that there could also be coronavirus contamination in the flu vaccines … [or] it could possibly be the XMRV.

You are getting that paradoxical immune response since you’ve been inadvertently inoculated with the coronavirus while you get the flu vaccine. So, we do not know, however the noticed impact may be very properly documented …

In Northern Italy, proper earlier than the outbreak of [COVID-19], there was a mass vaccination [using] a really highly effective flu vaccine … But it surely’s anecdotal. There is no proof of [a correlation].”

Mikovits believes one of the explanations older Italians acquired hit so exhausting in northern Italy is as a result of the vaccine given there was grown in canine kidney cells, which she claims are contaminated with coronaviruses.

Can Flu Vaccination Set off a Optimistic SARS-CoV-2 Check?

What’s extra, Mikovits claims that anybody who has obtained a flu vaccine is more likely to register as constructive for SARS-Co-V-2 utilizing a PCR take a look at, for the truth that most flu vaccines within the U.S. are made in hen cells or canine kidney cells, which her analysis exhibits are contaminated with coronaviruses. In our interview, she defined:

“[The vaccines] are grown in animal cells and … have some of the similar host viral proteins and lock and keys. As they’re floating by way of the laboratory the place they’re rising massive shares of these cells, aerosolizing them, it contaminates and cross contaminates by way of the air …

That is what we present in 2011. The large ‘Oh my God,’ was, we won’t afford to retrofit our laboratories and manufacturing amenities towards biosafety degree Three and Four to guard the lab employees who’re spreading these viruses and getting contaminated. And now the [retroviruses] are aerosolized … All the cell traces are contaminated …”

Mikovits’ analysis confirmed that the contamination occurred through the unique creation of the classy cell traces used to then develop the vaccine in. In different phrases, the cells wherein many vaccines are grown are already contaminated. That’s how the retroviruses get into the vaccine, and is then unfold through injection. She doesn’t consider the contamination of vaccines with retroviruses was an intentional act. However the cover-up definitely is.

“The message of ‘Plague of Corruption’ is that we can not combine animal and human tissues. Not simply coronaviruses, however the infectious retroviruses [are spread this way]. We’re injecting tons of animal tissue, fetal tissue, into people, and we’re creating novel viruses on a regular basis, even inside the particular person or household,” she says.

May Sort 1 Interferon Be Used In opposition to SARS-CoV-2?

In response to Mikovits, the existence and operate of XMRVs is very related because it pertains to COVID-19. There are a lot of coronaviruses within the pure world, however in response to Mikovits, they are not extremely pathogenic as a result of they do not trigger this inflammatory signature of illness that means the immune system is out of management and inflicting large cytokine storms.

“This was our work for the final 4 many years … We have been led down a path the place we discovered in 1991 that you would have HIV and by no means get AIDS.

Should you make use of the appropriate therapy on the proper time, then you definitely cease the replication of the virus, you cease the reservoirs, you cease the immune destruction, and that might simply have been carried out within the case of SARS-CoV-2 with easy Sort 1 interferon at a really low dose, which has 40 years of analysis [behind it].

I used to be half of the group that first used the immune remedy, a purified Sort 1 interferon alpha, as a healing remedy for a leukemia. That analysis has proceeded for many years, [yet] the Meals and Drug Administration mentioned, ‘You’ll be able to’t use that in stopping coronaviruses from leaping from animals [to humans].’

[Type 1 interferon] is a straightforward meals. It is a easy spray. We’ve got it on the shelf now, made by Merck, [yet] Merck discontinued its use. Why would you try this if that was the frontline … prevention? Interferon alpha is your physique’s personal finest antiviral towards coronaviruses and retroviruses.”

Understanding Interferons

One of Mikovits’ main therapy suggestions is interferon 1 alpha, offered below model names corresponding to Alferon and Roferon, to close down the replication of RNA viruses, together with retroviruses and coronaviruses. She believes it may be helpful to take twice a day for the period of recognized publicity. Though a bottle prices round $600, one solely wants small quantities and a bottle can deal with 1,000 individuals for a week.

Interferon alpha Sort 110,11 is a kind of helpful cytokine launched by your physique as one of its first line of protection towards viral infections. In a nutshell, it interferes with viral replication. It’s additionally been proven to suppress sure varieties of tumors. As half of your immune system, it stimulates the contaminated cells and people close by to produce proteins that forestall the virus from replicating inside them.

Interferon alpha and beta additionally assist regulate your immune response. As famous in a 2018 paper12 on the twin nature of Sort 1 and Sort 2 interferons, “each antiviral and immunomodulatory features are crucial throughout virus an infection to not solely restrict virus replication and provoke an applicable antiviral immune response, however to additionally negatively regulate this response to attenuate tissue injury.”

Like Mikovits, Dominic Chan, a Physician of Pharmacy who just lately up to date an article on interferon on, proposes utilizing interferons towards COVID-19. The earlier article, written by Eni Williams, Pharm.D. and Ph.D., earlier than she died in 2017,13 says:14

“Interferons modulate the response of the immune system to viruses, micro organism, most cancers, and different international substances that invade the physique. Interferons don’t immediately kill viral or cancerous cells; they increase the immune system response and cut back the expansion of most cancers cells by regulating the motion of a number of genes that management the secretion of quite a few mobile proteins that have an effect on progress …”

She goes on to checklist a quantity of interferons which might be commercially accessible, together with Intron-A (interferon alfa-2b), Betaseron (interferon beta-1b) and plenty of extra. In April 2020, Chan added:

“Interferon beta-1a, presently in use to deal with a number of sclerosis, and interferon alfa-2b are each below investigation as potential remedies for individuals with COVID-19 coronavirus illness …

Interferon Beta 1a, particularly, prompts macrophages that engulf antigens and pure killer cells (NK cells), a kind of immune T-Cell … The idea is, interferon might be able to make the immune system stronger by turning on dormant components and directing them towards the protection towards SARS-CoV-2’s assault.”

It’s price noting the warnings, nonetheless. In response to Chan, if you have already got flu-like signs and take interferons, the signs are more likely to worsen earlier than they get higher, as your immune system ramps up. “If somebody is already on a ventilator and signs are about to overwhelm them, giving them an interferon-based drugs could possibly be catastrophic,” he says.

How you can Make a Secure Vaccine

Mikovits additionally proposes a novel vaccine for weaponized viruses like this that entails the alpha interferon, small quantities of the virus and peptide T, which is able to block the interplay of the virus and preserve your T cells from getting contaminated.

In contrast to typical vaccines, that are principally injected, this could be oral and would solely stimulate antibody humoral responses. Her model would additionally trigger innate mobile immunity from the T cells.

To study extra about Mikovits’ analysis and conclusions, see “Could Retroviruses Play a Role in COVID-19?” You’ll discover the complete interview together with her on the backside of that article. To summarize some of the important thing take-home messages Mikovits delivers in that interview:

She believes COVID-19 — the illness — is just not brought on by SARS-CoV-2 alone, however fairly that it’s the consequence of a mixture of SARS-CoV-2 (which seems to have been manipulated to incorporate parts of HIV that destroys immune operate). Earlier XMRV (human gammaretroviruses) an infection might facilitate SARS-CoV-2 to precise the COVID-19 sickness.

Put one other manner, COVID-19 could also be initiated by SARS-CoV-2, however dependent upon a preexisting an infection with and awakening of different viruses corresponding to XMRV, gamma retroviruses, presumably Lyme and different coinfections, together with parasites, and that is why antiparasitic drugs like hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin assist.

Blood merchandise and vaccines are contaminated with XMRVs that may injury your immune system and trigger CFS, most cancers and different power ailments. The viruses unfold inside laboratories as they’ve tailored to turn out to be aerosolized, and contaminate cell traces utilized in vaccine manufacturing and different viral analysis, together with analysis on coronaviruses.

Flu vaccines have unfold a number of harmful viruses world wide, which might then work together with SARS COV-2.

It’s attainable to develop safer oral vaccines, and interferon alpha could possibly be a precious therapy various towards COVID-19. Except for interferons, different therapy methods mentioned in our interview embrace hyperbaric oxygen remedy, cannabinoids (CBD), peptide T and antioxidant help.

SARS-CoV-2 is extra harmful and virulent than typical coronaviruses as a result of it consists of sequences of HIV, SARS and one other virus, which allow it to contaminate extra than simply your respiratory epithelium. It could possibly additionally infect blood cells and hematopoeitic organs such because the spleen.

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