The Role of Aromatherapy in Combination With Traditional Medical Practice

Standard medication and different / complementary therapeutic strategies aren’t mutually unique. They will work very effectively when mixed collectively. This case research illustrates how this may be achieved. The topic contracted a chilly and had fever afterwards.

On a Wednesday's evening, my husband caught a chilly (with working nostril), had a headache and a gentle fever. I made a mix for him and prompt him to use it on his temples, brow, and again of the neck. The mix consists of:

1 drop of lavender

1 drop of geranium

2 drops of ginger

1 tsp of olive oil

Causes for selecting the oil:

Lavender is sedative, and may help increase the immune features; geranium is anti-inflammatory; ginger may help relieve ache, it’s warming and might enhance the circulation.

I additionally suggested him to drink water with lemon, with honey added.

15 minutes later, he may go to sleep and he felt higher after it. The fever and headache subsided after the appliance.

Nevertheless, when he awakened the subsequent morning, his fever and headache got here again. As well as, he had spasmodic cough, working nostril, fever, and sore throat. He went to see the physician, and was examined damaging for flu virus. His temperature was 100.eight levels F. The physician then suggested him to take extra relaxation, and to take the Advil. I then prompt him to make use of one other mix as follows, and to use the combination to the temples, brow and again of the neck.

I prompt him to make use of the next oil mix:

1 drop of Roman Chamomile

2 drops of Lemon

2 drops of peppermint

1 tsp of olive oil

Causes for selecting the oil:

Roman Chamomile gives ache aid and it's antiviral; lemon can deliver ache aid, increase the immune system, and improve the oil mix penetration; peppermint can scale back fever, and it's cooling.

On the third day, his working nostril situation improved lots, he had no headache, and the fever was gone.

That is an instance of combing the standard medical follow with aromatherapy, and it really works nice. Aromatherapy did assist in the recovering course of.

Nevertheless, for some circumstances, you might must seek the advice of your major doctor or specialist earlier than you mix another protocol into the therapeutic course of. It’s at all times good to seek the advice of knowledgeable aromatherapists who’ve the experience and correct information to do that. All the time do not forget that important oils are very potent, and a little bit goes a great distance.

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