The Quantum Theory of Holy Languages

The quantum concept of holy languages ​​(QTHL) encompasses the three most influential fields of information: science kabbalah, quantum physics and mathematic. Purposes of this concept in various drugs by use present human expertise has many sensible statements. In essence, all of QTHL is based on following elementary presuppositions:

1. Electrical energy and magnetic vitality exist within the human physique, controlling the heartbeat, stimulating muscular tissues, and many others. Every molecule within the human physique really comprises a small quantity of electrical energy and magnetic vitality. Each cell resonates at a selected frequency. Our bodily, psychological, emotional, and intuitive energies are akin to the distinctive electromagnetic vibrations.

2. The processes that inside a human being and between human beings and their surroundings are managed by electromagnetic vibrations.

3. Indicium's, human society, the character and universe kind ecology of advanced techniques and sub-systems all of which work together and mutually affect one another via electromagnetic vibrations

4. The Holy Hebrew is the distinctive language primarily based on kabalistic sources. The letters and phrases in Hebrew are coded by a particular method. This code describes the concord of electromagnetic vibrations of gentle.

5. The sacred texts are coded by codes of electromagnetic vibrations of gentle, that are depended from properties of letters, phrases and phrases in Holy Hebrew.

6. The sacred texts codes describe the concord of colours, because the proportional correlations of RGB (pink inexperienced blue).

7. Therapeutic Colours Atmosphere is shaped by use of the proportional correlations RGB and sensible info round psychology of colours and therapeutic properties of colours

The quantum concept of holy languages ​​is addressing to the distinctive properties of Holy Hebrew with a view to coming to conclusive proofs how electromagnetic vibrations and common concord of colours are coded in sacred texts. Electromagnetic vibrations or electromagnetic therapeutic is one of essentially the most profound and elementary various therapies within the area of various drugs and holistic well being that features bio resonance, sound remedy, coloration remedy, bio electromagnetic fields and many others due to this fact this concept have a possible to supply quite a few improvements in future.

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