The Primal Energy Theory

I discovered some time again that the more durable I push myself bodily, the larger the reward a couple of minutes later. In fact, that is principally as a result of physique's endorphin launch mechanism. That is no massive secret to anybody who trains usually, in reality, it’s the major motive why most of us hunt down that top depth exercise. Certain, we typically benefit from the precise exercise we're doing, however let's admit it, we’re after the push. However currently, I've been realizing one thing. As I've began to take my coaching classes to the forest and open sky, I appear to be getting an excellent larger rush. Higher than I ever get within the gymnasium. Which led me to begin transforming on a principle I began to develop just a few years again: The Primal Energy Theory.

Now this principle is predicated on far more than the outcomes of excessive depth train. It’s primarily based on a number of components, which I’ll try to clarify as I lay out the trail that led me to my conclusion.

The Examine of Science

I did properly in highschool. Acquired good grades, particularly in science courses. However although I used to be in a position to memorize and regurgitate what I used to be being taught, I by no means took the time to really ponder and perceive what I used to be being taught (a failure in our training system in my view). Once I made the choice to return to highschool in my thirties, I used to be instantly drawn again to the sciences, however this time, it was out of a need to know extra concerning the world round me.

The Sciences are neatly divided into particular disciplines: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Biology research what you see. Chemistry research what you don't see. And Physics research the way it all works collectively. (This can be a very primary generalization). In fact, the place it turns into actually fascinating, is while you begin crossing over from one to the opposite, which is really the one method any of it could truly make sense. On this case, because it pertains to this principle, it was a matter of understanding the ideas of vitality (Physics) and relating them to what I may see round me (Biology), and what I couldn't see (Chemistry).

In Physics, we study that vitality is throughout us. It's produced by motion, by electrical present, by warmth. It’s coursing via our our bodies and particularly our brains. It acts and reacts in many alternative methods and extra importantly, it’s always performing on us and throughout us. It retains issues collectively and pushes issues aside. However crucial truth for the needs of this principle, is that it’s Common, it’s in every single place, from a single atom to the planets flying via area.

In Chemistry, we’re taught that matter is definitely composed of tiny little particles referred to as molecules, and that every of those molecules consists of atoms, and that every of those atoms are held collectively by electrical bonds that are in reality, you guessed it, vitality. This half blows my thoughts truly. On the microscopic degree, we’re being held collectively by tiny electrical bonds. Not flesh, not bone, however vitality. We’re held collectively by vitality individuals! However what powers these electrical bonds? It's not our personal system. A lifeless creature doesn't out of the blue crumble into tens of millions of tiny atoms, one thing retains working to maintain all of it collectively.

In Biology, we study, properly, many issues that contributed to this principle. One of many first contributors was the research of genetics and cell biology. There’s such an incredible quantity of advanced stuff taking place on the mobile degree, layers upon layers of fixed exercise, and all inside a single cell. And when you think about {that a} single human physique has an estimated 100 trillion cells, and then you definitely think about the billions of people, and billions upon billions of different organisms that we share this planet with, it's a fairly thoughts blowing variety of cells to wrap your mind round. However what's most wonderful, is that on the genetic degree, virtually all of the matter within the universe is nearly the identical, made up of the identical primary parts, and but, we now have this unimaginable quantity of range from people to bugs to vegetation to snowflakes . A giant large pool of genetic materials being performed by, properly, one thing. And primarily based on what Physics teaches us, we are able to assume that one thing is, you guessed it, vitality.

One other contributor from the world of biology got here from learning animal habits. So many facets of animal habits are troublesome to clarify. How birds and butterflies can migrate over 1000’s of miles, to the identical vacation spot, alongside the identical path, with out ever have being there. How canines can sense our feelings or predict when a storm is coming, as in the event that they're tuned in to a frequency that we simply aren't listening to. Animals are tuned in to one thing, one thing we might have misplaced contact with way back.

This principle is predicated in science. At this time, fashionable science tries to transcend merely understanding the pure world, it needs to grasp it, to regulate it and in some ways remodel it. However with a view to actually perceive nature, we should think about a world untouched by fashionable improvement, a world the place vitality can run freely, with out being dampened by metal, concrete and another of man's unnatural creations. We should think about the pure world, the primal world.

The Primal World

Once I use the phrase 'Primal', I don't imply a time of cavemen and dinosaurs. What I’m referring to is land in its authentic state, untouched by the modernization of the human species. This generally is a forest, a desert, a mountain or an ocean. I really feel as if fashionable man has misplaced contact with the pure world, the primal world. We coated it up, positioned obstacles between us and it. The impact that this has needed to lower off our line of communication with the planet, with the vitality that each one different creatures dwelling within the pure world are tapped into.

I’ve been fascinated by animals and nature for so long as I can breath. I make no secret of my love and respect for canines and wolves, however am equally fascinated by the whole animal kingdom. What attracts me into their world is the purity of their existence. They stay in a world of instincts, and extra importantly, they stay in concord with the planet. They’re a part of one thing larger than themselves, a system which runs like a properly balanced machine of which they’re however one in all many components, all tied collectively in unison *. And although we now have to return to grasp how a lot of this method works, the one query we not often ask is: why does it work? What retains it working so easily? If one in all our fashionable machines breaks down, we repair it. What fixes this machine, what re-calibrates it? Some will argue it's primarily based on random diversifications, that nature adapts to nature. That is partially true, however I consider there’s extra to it than that. I additionally consider it goes past this planet, which is however a single element of an excellent larger system, the Universe. And when you think about the unimaginable immensity of the Universe, and that by some means all of it holds collectively in a type of chaotic steadiness, it is vitally troublesome to fathom that there isn't one thing else at play.

* James Lovelock has recommended a really advanced principle generally known as the Gaia Hopthesis, which presents some astounding research that solely make sense if this concept of ​​a single advanced system is true.

However how can we, as fashionable people, reestablish communication with the planet, with the Universe? How can we faucet into that vitality. For one, we are able to spend extra time within the pure world. However with a view to actually set up a direct line of contact, we should alter our frequency, we should tune our dials to have the ability to obtain the transmissions that the planet and Universe are sending. And that may be carried out via excessive depth bodily exercise and meditation, which as you'll see, are all a part of the identical system.

The Meditative Path

It took me a few years to lastly perceive what I needed out of meditation. What you get out of it’s a type of issues that you simply sort of have to determine for your self. Once I talk about this with individuals who haven't tried it, or did and gave up, the query is commonly "what’s it purported to do?". The method I can finest clarify what meditation is to me, is that it permits me to set my mind to how it’s purported to be, to entry my primal thoughts. Let me clarify.

For those who research the existence of a wild animal, what you see is life in its purest state. It’s with out contemplation, with out stress. It runs, principally, on intuition and pays little consideration to the previous or the long run. It actually lives within the second. This pure primal state, in my view, is how we, people, as soon as had been, earlier than we advanced language, consciousness and all the pieces else that got here together with it. We spend unimaginable quantities of vitality, properly, considering. We’re always occupied with yesterday and worrying about tomorrow. What this does is disrupt the pure circulate of our primal thoughts. In Buddhism, they train that the aim of life is to realize a state of pure existence, which in essence, is an existence void of thought, or in another way put, of a single thought.

One of many necessary books in my life is "Zen and the Mind" by James Austin. In it, he discusses some neurological examinations he carried out on Zen Buddhist monks. What he discovered when he ran an EEG take a look at on them, was that their 4 major mind waves had been virtually fully synchronized. You see, our 4 major brainwaves – alpha, beta, theta and delta all function at totally different frequencies. Within the common human thoughts, these frequencies seem out of synch, however within the case of those monks, they aligned virtually completely. However what does this imply? When Austin carried out different assessments, he found that these monks lived in a state of fixed bliss, of happiness, of empathy for the world round them. They lived purely within the second. In fact, these monks spent most of their waking life in meditation, so it’s to be anticipated that there can be variations in the way in which their brains function. However the query I ask myself is that this: has their meditative apply allowed them to rework their mind chemistry past what it ought to be, or did it merely enable the mind to revert again to its authentic state?

I've been training meditation for a few years, and it’s by far the best problem in my life, for the straightforward incontrovertible fact that I’ll by no means be capable of good it, I’ll by no means attain a degree the place I can say that I’m carried out with it and might now transfer on to one thing else. However none the much less, there are ranges that may be attained, and for me, some of the necessary steps was understanding why, what was my motive for doing it. As I stated earlier, it permits me to entry my primal thoughts. However coming to this realization required greater than my meditative apply, it required one thing else that could be a main a part of my life: excessive depth bodily exercise.

Bodily Awakening

So far as difficult ourselves, each bodily and mentally, nothing does it like intense bodily exercise. As quickly as you coronary heart begins pumping above a sure price, each fiber of your being is totally conscious and awake. It was throughout one in all these intense bodily classes, one in all my Wolf Runs, that I out of the blue grew to become conscious of my objective for meditation. The motive for this lies within the nature of the Wolf Run. These runs are one thing that has advanced over time. Once I run within the forest, away from the affect of man, I wish to think about myself working just like the wolf. Dodging via the timber, leaping over rocks, growling my method to the highest of a mountain. On one in all these such runs, I reached the sting of a cliff overlooking the whole forest. With my coronary heart racing from the steep climb, and pumping endorphins via my complete thoughts and physique, I attempted to take management of all of it by meditating at that second, to decelerate my respiration and on the similar time intensify that unimaginable rush (one thing I wish to name Endorphin Maximization). And in the mean time, searching from my perch and dwelling fully in that second, my physique a tingling frenzy of calm vitality, all of it made sense. I knew what it was all about, as a result of at that second I used to be now not myself the individual, I used to be a part of all the pieces round me. I used to be the sky above me and the forest beneath me. My coronary heart beat to the rhythm of the Universe, and I understood. I used to be a part of the Primal Energy. For others, with different beliefs, they are going to in all probability describe this second as being within the presence of God, or a god, or gods, or no matter perception system they select to observe. However for me, that is what all these beliefs are primarily based on, that sense of one thing larger, one thing that all of us share and are all part of.

Making Sense of it All

SInce that point, I've spent many hours considering what I felt that day. In fact, as soon as I got here down from that cliff, the load of the world got here creeping its method again in. A lifetime of purely meditative existence is just not one thing that I’m taken with. I take pleasure in being human and most of the wonderful items that come together with it. However now, figuring out what I do know, believing what I consider, I’ve the power to return to that cliff each time I select. I’ve additionally found different methods of tapping into that Energy. Once I spend time with animals, not as their grasp however as their equal, as their brother, I’m able to see via their eyes, to be a part of their existence. I really feel it then. Once I assist different to enhance their lives, carry out selfless acts of kindness, I discover myself in that second, sharing their pleasure, and feeling that Energy throughout us. Once I apply martial arts and actually immerse myself within the expertise, I really feel it then as properly. And naturally once I meditate, as I attempt to do daily, I do know why I do it, it has a objective, and having that objective in my life is among the best emotions one can ever obtain.

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