The vasanas or the knots of want preserve the phantasm of the world. With observe of samadhi—absorption of thoughts—all the knots loosen and the vasanas disappear. The phantasm too is gone. The Vivekachoodamani of Sri Adi Sankaracharya says that by way of samadhi, all knots of vasanas are destroyed and therefore the have to do actions is totally destroyed too. Inside and with out, always and all over the place, there’s nothing to understand besides life, which is our personal actual kind. This occurs actually effortlessly. 

The Grasp factors out the steps to realize this state of meditative absorption. Mananam or reflection is 100 occasions extra helpful than shravanam or listening to the phrases of the scriptures. A 100 occasions greater than reflection is meditation. A lakh occasions extra highly effective than meditation is absorption known as Nirvikalpa Samadhi which is a mind-set that doesn’t waver or change for lengthy intervals of time. With observe of regular absorption of thoughts, the essence of reality is realised clearly and with out a shadow of doubt. It could by no means occur by a wavering thoughts as there’s at all times the confusion attributable to a mix of many ideas. 

Due to this fact meditate, says the Acharya. How? With sense organs below management, a thoughts that is still ever calm destroys the darkness known as ignorance which has no recognized time of starting. This occurs when the meditator is focussed on that one actuality known as Existence, Consciousness or Life. 

The means to this state of meditation is thru yoga and the entry level for it’s management of speech and never gathering pointless materials items round oneself. Being free from useless expectations of a selected manner occasions ought to occur in the future; not wanting to start out actions to realize sure desired objectives; and a top quality of remaining withdrawn from the humdrum of worldly transactions. 

Giving a flowchart, the Grasp says that staying alone causes the sense organs to be managed. This helps to manage the thoughts, reminiscences and mind. This results in steadying the ‘I’ thought or the ego. When this occurs, the yogi experiences the essence of joyful state of unfettered bliss always. Due to this fact the trainer concludes that the one who maintains silence to do sadhana should work on controlling the thoughts, which is a mix of consciousness and goal ideas, always and with appreciable effort too. 

When the seeker identifies with the physique, power, thoughts, mind or different limiting adjuncts, he acquires that state at all times. To keep away from this identification, the trainer presents a circulation chart. He says supply the speech to the thoughts, the thoughts into the mind and the mind into the witness. Provide the witness into the Supreme Self. Be absorbed on this regular and peaceable mind-set and serve the Supreme Self.

The author is Sevika, Chinmaya Mission, Coimbatore (; e-mail:

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