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Rising up my mom used to place inspirational sayings on post-it notes on the partitions round our kitchen desk. She was quoting Thich Nhat Hahn and His Holiness the Dalai Lama lengthy earlier than Instagram. I admit, I didn’t take it very significantly at the time, however she created a area in me to obtain knowledge.  

Apparently the one quote I bear in mind from the kitchen was the one posted at the top of the desk in entrance of the window. It was not from a well-known individual. It was from Miss Innis – and older lady (85 at the time) who lived on the road and was a good pal to my mom and many others within the neighbourhood.  A former nurse, the knowledge she shared with my mom was this “One day at a time and search for”.

I’ve since heard individuals say “take in the future at a time” however the magic within the phrase appears to be “and search for”.  I discover once I take a second to search for, particularly at the sky, even for a second, my outlook adjustments.  For a second, there’s hope and a sense of being linked to a bigger world.  A sense that has no phrases as a result of it’s felt in silence.  

 by Julie Jarvis

Founder & Creator at REALthings



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