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Is Your Shungite Fake?

Appears there’s a rash of faux shungite displaying up just lately. 

And plenty of asking me how you can ID it to allow them to defend themselves from a nasty buy. I’m pleased to point out you a straightforward approach right here — but in addition make clear some science round it (after all!)

Care to Geek out with me to Keep away from Faux Shungite?



So, shungite (conveniently) does one thing that almost all different crystals or stones don’t do: it conducts electrical energy. It’s not the ONLY mineral that may try this although—

Different Electrical Conducting Minerals (you could have in your assortment):

  • silver
  • galena
  • graphite
  • copper
  • gold
  • pyrite
  • silicon
  • cinnabar
  • sphalerite

However shungite can do one thing particular…

it has a capability to conduct that electrical energy very well (as does silver, gold + copper from that listing above). By the best way, discover a sample? — the nice conductors are metallic trying, however not at all times.

So, conductivity is one mineral id’ing attribute we are able to use to remove different potentialities that will look related.

Extra on that later.


Reverse from conductors, insulators are supplies or minerals that don’t conduct electrical energy. For example; any quartz, calcite + fluorite are good examples.  


Then you definately’ve obtained the semi-conductors. Simply because the title implies, these minerals do a semi-good job of conducting electrical energy. 

A bodily attribute of some semi-conductors is that they’ve a barely metallic look, so not as hello-shiny as, say, silver or copper. However in some uncommon circumstances, they don’t shine in any respect; which will be the case with carbon, which in sure types, can conduct electrical energy fairly properly however not very shiny in any respect.

Skip if not /Geek-Communicate Warning: I run the chance of boring the hell of out you for sneaking this in right here however as a result of I do know a few of you’ll ask — I’ll take the prospect. To be conductor, it wants un-used electrons to hold {the electrical} present. So in a diamond (one other type of carbon), there ain’t no spare electrons as a result of its molecular construction. So, that signifies that diamond is an insulator, not {an electrical} conductor. Now, alternatively, you’ve obtained graphite, yet one more type of carbon and it’s electrical conductor. Why? Say it with me now; it has plenty of free electrons bopping round. And as is the case with most semiconductors, it has properties of each non-metals and metals.

OK, enter Shungite (primarily a carbon mineral in yet one more kind)!

shungite fake shungite

Discover I stated Shungite is “primarily” made up of carbon.

The upper the carbon content material, the extra pure the shungite is taken into account to be. That actually pure stuff known as Elite or Noble as the popular kind for purifying ingesting water. You can read all about that in my blog post here.

In my above video, you see me checking shungite utilizing a digital multimeter.

These are comparatively cheap and plenty of households have one hanging round within the storage or software shed. I like utilizing the multimeter approach higher than utilizing the flashlight technique I’m seeing loads of on YouTube as a result of, as I discussed within the above video, it’s simply extra dependable. 

Galena or Hematite Usually Passes for Shungite – Be careful!

Some could confuse (or purposefully attempt to trick you) into considering that one thing is Elite Shungite when in actuality it’s Galena (one other semi-conductor) and even polished Hemeatie (an insulator, not conductor).

As I discussed above, Elite or Noble shungite has a fairly good shiny metallic look to it so you possibly can see why it’s typically confused for galena and polished hematite. However studying a little bit of straightforward-at-residence mineral ID strategies (as I teach in my Crystal Savvy Class Elective) you possibly can study to rapidly remove these two imposters.

One quicky solution to ID galena is that it’s actually heavy (being lead) when in comparison with shungite, which ought to be fairly gentle.

What Else to Search for to Keep away from Faux Shungite:

  1. Is your shungite 100% pure black?

Actual deal shungite is NOT going to be pure black by means of and thru.


Uncooked Shungite Stone. By (Personal work) [GFDL ( or CC BY 3.0 (], by way of Wikimedia Commons

The reason being that, as is the case with most minerals, it has inclusions. That signifies that another minerals shall be combined up in there in various quantities. With shungite, you typically have some little metallic specks or veining of pyrite and even mica in there.

Bear in mind although, the purer (Elite or Noble) it’s, the much less of this you’ll see. 

2. Function Contact Screens

I originally talked about this in my deep-dive shungite blog post here; I noticed by means of my very own testing, shungite can conduct human-like sensory power to be able to use it to function contact display screen gadgets. Do that out for your self.

Composite or Reconstitiued Shungite?

Do you might have considered one of these in your assortment?:

… after which plopped right into a mildew.

Now, relying on what’s within the composite materials, this drastically alters the power of the stone to purify, conduct electrical energy or block EMFs. So, lots of the causes chances are you’ll be working with shungite now exit the window! 

Typically, they’ll even declare it’s actual shungite powder however that’s not at all times the case. So, to be protected, personally, I simply desire to fully steer clear of reconstituted or composite shungite.

At all times use your widespread sense and the very best safety from that is to be properly-knowledgeable your self.

*Please SHARE this data with different crystal lovers in order that all of us keep in-the-know and properly-knowledgeable. No duping us with FAKES or misinfo!!!*

Are you able to inform I’m enthusiastic about these items? If you’re too and need to know extra in regards to the mineral kingdom so that you will be assured in what you’re getting then chances are you’ll need to take a look at my Crystal Savvy: Crystal and Mineral ID class here.

Do Your Factor

As I at all times point out in my “Fakes” posts, for those who select to work with man-made or altered stones and also you get pleasure from them or it’s been working for you:

“carry on ‘truckin’”. Don’t change a factor!

I simply need us all to have the geo-information first. Then you can also make an knowledgeable resolution concerning the way you select to work with these stones.

And as at all times, the ethical of the story right here is…

Purchaser BewareWho’re you shopping for from? Are they respected? Do they know what they’re speaking about? Are you doing your personal due diligence + analysis? One of the simplest ways to guard your self is thru training.

For these of you at all times asking the place I prefer to get my shungite — right here you go direct from Russia. (My recommendation for Noble Shungite – they’ve all kinds of artistic shungite merchandise. Even magnificence merchandise like a Shungite Facial Scrub. Test them out!)

All of us love the attractive gems that Mama Earth creates and also you don’t know what you don’t know… till you already know higher. So, I hope you’ve discovered one thing new right here as we speak.

Have you ever seen any shungite shenanigans just lately? Please share within the feedback beneath!

Crystal Blessings,

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