Is Baja Desert Glass from Mexico the same as Libyan Desert Glass?

by Shawn London

(Baja Mexico North )

Baja Desert Glass

Baja Desert Glass

My story is a few Desert Glass that challenges identified details about the place Libyan Desert Glass could be discovered. My story could also be a bit quick however nonetheless it’s value listening to. I stay in Baja Mexico on the pacific coast facet near the border of San Diego California. I lately went out using my motorbike in the sand dunes right here in Northern Bajs at a spot referred to as Cantamar.

That is the place the pacific jet-stream (the steady stream of wind that blows from manner up north to the south) collides with the jet-stream that blows from the southern level of baja north. It causes large sand dunes to type alongside the seaside, stretching inland solely a few mile.

If you cease in the center to have a look forward or behind, you continue to really feel misplaced and on their own in an unlimited desert with solely sand to be seen in all instructions… besides I did see one thing else! In reality the cause why I finished in the first place, was this blinding mild that stored reflecting off one thing in the sand. It was like somebody was making an attempt to blind me with a mirror or one thing

So I obtained off my bike, and walked in the direction of the reflecting object, solely anticipating it to vanish like the the puddles of water that you just continually see up forward, solely to have them vanish the nearer your method. However I used to be improper, so, bending down I picked up the piece of glass and knew precisely what it was, besides I used to be nowhere close to Libya, so how do you clarify this piece of glass right here… see image hooked up.

I now marvel if its time to rewrite the title of this stone. Is Libya the solely location the place this yellow stone is discovered? It additionally makes me marvel if its actually shaped the manner scientists consider. The chances of a sufficiently big meteor hitting right here and inflicting the same glass may be very slim to say the least. Fascinating?

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