I’m a Second Ray Soul – What Does This Imply?

There are 7 rays of incarnation. Our Soul incarnates into a bodily physique on one among these 7 rays. These rays give us the attributes we have to fulfil our soul function, and to assist us attain the qualities of the ray. We manifest on totally different rays via all our incarnations.

Every of the seven rays has a group of Ascended Masters related to every of them. The Ascended Masters who work on these 7 rays work with the qualities attributed to every ray. An Ascended Grasp should work to grow to be grasp over all of the rays and to allow them to transfer between rays of their ascension course of.

Right here we have a look at the Second Ray of incarnation.

The Second Ray is the yellow – all shades of yellow. In case you are a yellow ray soul then you could have yellow round your crown chakra. The aim of the second ray is to manifest knowledge. The Chohan of the ray, is a single Ascended Grasp who focuses the Christ Consciousness of the ray. The Chohan of the yellow ray is Lord Lanto.

In case you are a second ray soul then you can be working to own a number of the qualities of the ray. Some optimistic qualities are knowledge, notion, pleasure and lightness of being.

There are numerous Ascended Masters engaged on the second ray.Considered one of these Masters shall be assigned to you to behave as trainer and information, although your Grasp can change via your life time, or different Masters might be assigned to you for brief durations. This is as a result of you’ll profit from their steering and teachings. You may also be assigned to Masters engaged on different rays, for larger studying and likewise to grasp for your self some component of your Being.

A number of the Second Ray Masters are, Kuthumi, Lord Lanto, Lao Tze, Jesus, Confucius, Manjushri, Djwhal Khul, Amaterasu, the goddess Freya and Niguerre. There are literally thousands of Masters and these are however a few.

Of this ray the Elohim are Apollo and Lumina and the Archangels are Jophiel and Christine.

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