Human Energy Subject, Subtle Bodies – The Plasma Connection

There have been many depictions of the human vitality area and refined our bodies within the metaphysical and non secular literature. The fascinating remark in these depictions is the various signature options that may be related to plasma. This implies that the human vitality area and the refined physique could be modeled as a bioplasma physique. A short tour of the photographs within the literature and their similarity with buildings typically seen in plasma will likely be carried out under.

1. Magnetosphere

It’s nicely-identified normally metaphysics that the (comparatively) dense bioplasma physique sits inside an ovoid which is enclosed by a sheath. This ovoid is just like the magnetosphere across the Earth because it protects the dense bioplasma physique (contained in the ovoid) from undesirable radiation, simply because the Earth’s magnetosphere protects the bodily-dense Earth from dangerous photo voltaic radiation. The ovoid normally incorporates a dense physique (relative to the remainder of the ovoid) alongside the longer axis of the ovoid with low density (weakly ionized) magnetic plasma filling the remainder of the ovoid. The area traces of the first dipolar magnetic area generated by the central vertical currents (see #10 under) inside the bioplasma physique is essentially embedded inside the ovoid.

2. Concentric Shells

Plasma crystals, generated within the laboratory, are within the type of collections of particles that are held in a crystal-like array by a plasma of weakly ionized gasoline. When the meeting of microscopic particles was contained between two electrodes and illuminated by a laser beam, it might be seen, even with the bare eye, that the particles naturally organized themselves frequently into as many as 18 planes parallel to the electrodes. In a subsequent experiment, the particles within the plasma crystal organized themselves into neat concentric shells, to a complete ball diameter of a number of millimeters. These orderly Coulomb balls, consisting of aligned, concentric shells of mud particles, survived for lengthy durations. This onion-like layered construction, comprising of concentric shells, can be typically seen in depictions of the human vitality area or refined our bodies within the metaphysical literature.

3. Double Helix (Birkeland) Currents

The helical form of the magnetic area across the gasoline cloud within the constellation Orion is believed to be brought on by matter within the interstellar cloud shifting in a straight line alongside the size of the filament. When this occurs, it causes the magnetic area across the cloud to spiral round in a corkscrew sample. Researchers had been in a position to detect this spiral form utilizing the Inexperienced Financial institution Telescope, a radio observatory in Virginia. When helical magnetic fields type in plasma, charged particles transfer alongside the sphere traces producing helical currents.

Kundalini is a Sanskrit time period is derived from the time period kundala, which implies a “ring” or “coil”. Kundalini currents have typically been depicted within the metaphysical literature as a serpent coiled across the again a part of the basis chakra in three and a half turns (corresponding to a solenoid or a compressed helical present) across the sacrum. The vitality is meant to originate from an obvious reservoir of refined bio-vitality on the base of the backbone. The central vertical currents within the refined physique (described as Ida, Pingala and Sushumna within the yoga literature) are sometimes depicted within the metaphysical (significantly the yoga) literature as a pair of mutually entangled helical currents with straight currents passing via them.

Mutually entangled (double spirals) currents are steadily seen in house and laboratory plasmas. Helical buildings may also be present in dusty (or complicated) plasma. This reveals that there’s a robust connection between plasma dynamics and the formation of the central kundalini and pranic currents within the (supersymmetric) bioplasma physique as described by plasma metaphysics.

4. Sizzling Spots or Plasmoids

Plasmas can take up quite a lot of shapes and have “sizzling spots” that are seen. It has been noticed that these sizzling spots in plasma emanate alongside axes. Secondly, these hotspots have totally different colours and temperatures than the remainder of the mass. These observations agree with the brilliant blobs of sunshine of various colours typically discovered depicted in refined physique and human vitality area literature alongside the spinal axis of the human physique.

The sizzling spots are believed to be sources of intense X-ray emission in addition to pulsed electron and ion beams. Sizzling spots require intense heating charges extra generally related to targeted laser beams. Pulsed beams have additionally been depicted within the metaphysical literature (see #6 under). Presumably these are generated by the recent spots, exit out of the vortexes (see #9 under), and endure “lensing results” whereas being ejected from the ovoid and being refracted by the clear materials within the ovoid which may produce convergent and collimated beams.

5. Coronas, Spicules and Granulations

Coronal auras and discharges, granulation and spicules are all options related to the Solar and our refined vitality our bodies – the latter, as seen by clairvoyants. Coronal discharges and flares can happen out of the blue on the Solar. The varied particles which are discharged, along with these flares, are carried by the Solar’s plasma wind to trigger magnetic storms on Earth. Spicules are brief-lived phenomena, akin to rising jets of gasoline that transfer upward and final only some minutes on the Solar. Spicules may also be seen within the coronas of bioplasma our bodies. As well as, striations (which may also be related to plasma and are seen on gasoline giants like Jupiter) are additionally seen. Coronas and spicules may also be seen in Kirlian representations of the aura. (In laboratory assessments, it has been discovered that Kirlian representations of the aura correlate with the colours and shapes that human “seers” see.)

6. Beams and Jets

Utilizing subtle scientific gear, scientists at Jiao Tong College in Shanghai have proven that “refined vitality” has the properties of an electromagnetic present when flowing via acupuncture meridians however takes on the properties of coherent particle streams, just like laser mild, when projected out from the physique via the arms of grasp Qigong healers who remedy illnesses by beaming their vitality into the affected person’s physique.

There are necessary vortexes on the palms of the arms (of the refined physique inside the ovoid). Jets or directed beams of sunshine have been seen in images taken throughout occasions the place refined energetic practices happen (for instance: Reiki, Qigong and Christian “Reward and Worship”). There are additionally Hindu, Taoist, Buddhist and Christian photos displaying jets of sunshine issuing-out from the palms of saints or deities. One of many seers of the Fatima apparitions of “Mary” in 1919, “Lucia”, revealed that in one of many apparitions, “Mary” opened her arms and “rays of sunshine” issued from them.

7. Filamentary Currents

Plasma naturally kinds filaments in response to electrical fields inside the refined physique (which in response to plasma metaphysics consists of a fancy plasma of negatively-charged, positively-charged and impartial particles). Charged particles are guided inside these filaments by magnetic fields and accelerated by electrical fields – producing currents. It’s a nicely accepted truth in metaphysics that there are filaments inside our refined physique, which have been known as “meridians”, “nadis” and “channels” – within the Chinese language, Indian and Tibetan literature, respectively. In Taoist and Qigong literature, they’re additionally known as “circuits” and “orbits”. For instance, Qigong practitioners could converse of microcosmic and macrocosmic orbits. The microcosmic orbit is absolutely the primary meridian via which particles are accelerated within the related practices to carry vitality to the remainder of the refined physique. In line with plasma metaphysics, these meridians are “Birkeland currents”, i.e. currents by which charged particles movement via and are guided by magnetic area traces.

8. Plasma Focus Machine

The plasma focus system produces, by electromagnetic acceleration and compression, a brief-lived magnetically-confined, sizzling spot or plasmoid that’s so sizzling and dense that it turns into a multi-radiation supply. These plasmoids emit intense beams of accelerated ions and electrons (see #Four above). The plasma focus system is just like the plasma gun which is a magnetically pushed shock tube that ejects plasma within the type of a plasmoid, with out pinching it.

The similarities within the picture once we look down on the barrel of a dense plasma focus system and the picture of the throat chakra as depicted by Leadbeater are apparent. Plasma focus gadgets are subsequently already embedded in bioplasma our bodies, with the vortexes within the bioplasma physique appearing as supply programs of intense collimated beams of energetic particles which are seen in many spiritual depictions of deities (see 6 above).

9. Plasma Vortex

Charged particles in an ionized setting tend to observe magnetic area traces. If the trail of the particle is at an angle, i.e. neither parallel nor perpendicular to the magnetic area traces, the particle will spiral across the magnetic area traces utilizing a helical path. When the particles plunge they collide with different particles within the ovoid, producing a light-weight phenomenon just like the auroras within the ambiance at Earth’s magnetic poles. This course of will generate a helical path that can have a cone form when considered from the facet, with the apex of the cone assembly the floor of the bioplasma physique. Dynamically, this may be described as a vortex. Since there are lots of particles streaming down into the bioplasma physique, taking barely totally different trajectories, smaller vortexes also can seem inside a bigger vortex.

Experimental metaphysicist Barbara Brennan has noticed, as many different metaphysicists, vortexes inside the human vitality area or bioplasma physique. Inside every vortex, residing on the floor of the comparatively dense physique inside the ovoid, there are additionally small rotating vortexes spinning at very excessive charges.

10. Fields

It has been noticed and recorded within the metaphysical and non secular literature that inside the bioplasma physique are each helical and straight currents (see #Three above) aligned with the longer axis of the bioplasma physique. These are the “central currents”. As well as, there additionally quite a few filamentary currents interpenetrating the bioplasma physique (see #7 above).

A fancy community of currents enveloping the bioplasma physique has been noticed by Barbara Brennan who notes, “The important vertical energy present induces different currents at proper angles to it to type golden streamers that stretch instantly from the physique. These in flip induce different currents that circle across the area, in order that the complete auric area and all the degrees under it are surrounded and held inside a basket-like community.” Transferring expenses generate magnetic fields which have been depicted typically within the metaphysical literature. There are localized fields embedded inside international fields.

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