How to Lower Stress and Anxiety Using Your Unique Learning Style

Given the necessity to deal with numerous types of know-how to get our jobs (and nearly every little thing else) finished, it’s extra and harder to unplug and get in contact with pure issues (which decrease stress and anxiousness).  Being “plugged in” a lot of the day and night creates a delicate agitation in our nervous programs that makes it troublesome to unwind.  We’re wired.

And since that is usually occurring all day and a part of the night time, we see it as our norm and usually don’t discover its impact on our minds and our bodies.  Then we marvel why we really feel anxious and careworn a lot of the time as a result of we’ve forgotten what it’s like to be really unplugged.

Once we do unplug, we really feel agitated and uncomfortable as a result of we don’t have a display screen in entrance of us providing an countless diversion from the quiet inside us that we try to keep away from.

To quell these heightened emotions of stress and anxiousness, there are countless numbers of apps that promise to assist.  It appears ironic that we might use these identical digital gadgets that create the anxiousness to calm ourselves down.

Most of those apps depend on auditory forms of helps resembling chimes to remind you to pause and be within the second and guided meditations that speak you thru a rest course of.  Others supply soothing music or sounds.  Personally, these auditory instruments additional distract me from being current.  Once I meditate, I choose silence.

Once I sit in silence, my thoughts has a second to decelerate and course of all of the inputs it’s been receiving.  As a long-time meditator, I nonetheless discover it troublesome to get my thoughts to utterly chill.  Nevertheless it does get an opportunity to decelerate.  For me, that’s when the magic occurs.  Concepts for issues that had been effervescent in my unconscious come to mild.  Solutions to issues instantly turn out to be clear.  My thoughts and physique relax.  However that’s me and the best way my thoughts works.  You’re most likely totally different.

The Three Learning Kinds

Everybody has a most well-liked manner of studying and interacting with the world (and meditating): auditory, visible and kinesthetic.  These are thought of the three kinds of studying.  For me, listening to somebody discuss a topic or describe one thing isn’t as efficient as seeing photos that painting the idea as a result of I’m extra visible.  My husband is a cross between auditory and kinesthetic.  He wants to speak issues by to course of the ideas and learns higher by bodily doing issues.  I’m certain you may see how this may create challenges when one in every of us is making an attempt to clarify one thing to the opposite. 🙂


I have a tendency to be extra visible with sounds feeling like a distraction. Once I meditate, I visualize issues.  For me, sitting exterior and observing nature is extremely enjoyable.  Within the spring and summer season, I like to take my meditation apply exterior the place I can really feel the breeze blowing throughout my face and the heat of the solar on me.

Whereas some like to shut their eyes when meditating, others discover softly gazing at an object like a candle assist them focus.  Observing an object mindfully, noticing its nuances on an in depth degree will help to calm the thoughts.

Using visualizations once you’re in a relaxed and centered state (like once you’re meditating) is a robust manner to present your unconscious that one thing is actual.  In case you can see it and really feel it emotionally, your unconscious can’t inform the distinction between your ideas and actuality.  That is how high athletes can enhance with out bodily understanding.  It’s additionally how the law of attraction works.

Free Meditation Course: LImitless Life Program


Those that are extra kinesthetic are pushed by contact and motion.  A strolling meditation probably appeals extra to this group.  In a strolling meditation, you stroll slowly, feeling every a part of your foot contact the ground as your weight shifts by one foot to the opposite.  In case you choose motion and contact however don’t have the chance (or area) to stroll, holding one thing (ideally manufactured from pure supplies) whilst you meditate has been confirmed to assist carry you out of your ideas again into the current second.

Toucheys CubeWe spend a lot of our days touching plastic – computer systems and their mice, telephones, automobiles and different types of transportation.  Take a second to ponder the ratio of plastic stuff you contact over the course of a day versus wood, stone, or different pure objects.  Our human roots can inform the distinction once we deprive ourselves of connections with the pure world.

Kid playing with Toucheys cubeI’ve seen a variety of products manufactured from pure supplies whose sole objective is to carry your consideration again to the current and floor you.  They’re manufactured from wooden, stone, pure materials, and metals and are meant to be held in your hand to assist direct your consideration again to the current.  Whereas these aren’t as thrilling because the plastic, spinning, fidgety gadgets which are meant to distract you, the purpose is to do the other: floor and heart you so as to calm your thoughts.


Auditory learners perceive and course of issues higher by sound, whether or not that’s spoken phrases, music or different sounds.  For this group, guided meditations is usually a highly effective manner to floor and focus the thoughts on the phrases of the individual narrating the meditation.   Calming music or nature sounds can present the identical advantages.  Enjoying music whilst you work will help auditory learners focus whereas it’s a serious distraction for others.

Many of the mindfulness and meditation apps accessible like Calm, Easy Behavior, Headspace and Breethe use primarily guided meditations centered on a particular objective (getting to sleep, coping with an anxious second, commutes to and from work, and many others.) to focus and floor you within the current second.  For a lot of, these are fairly highly effective and assist to create an oasis within the midst of a loopy day.

Singing bowls produce stunning music that invokes deep meditative and peaceable states. They’re typically utilized in yoga, reiki, music remedy, and sound therapeutic. The wealthy harmonies produced by singing bowls assist steadiness the physique’s chakras, get rid of stress, and promote holistic therapeutic.

Listening to the sounds of nature within the background may produce a chilled impact.  I’ve discovered some great free apps that had been meant to work with listening to gadgets to assist these with tinnitus that provide quite a lot of nature tracks.  With the sounds of the forest, crashing waves of the ocean, birds singing, the wind rustling within the timber, or the crackling sounds of a campfire, I discover it simpler to block out extra annoying background noises so I can focus.

One Dimension Does Not Match All

Experiment with a mixture of the concepts I’ve described right here to discover what works finest for you.  Additionally, perceive that every day is totally different.  What works for you sooner or later might utterly annoy you the subsequent.  Be versatile and move with what your coronary heart is telling you.

As you experiment, discover whether or not these instruments are really serving to you to calm and focus or whether or not they’re merely distracting you from what your coronary heart is making an attempt to inform you.  One of many therapeutic powers of mindfulness and meditation is the power to assist you hear to your coronary heart so you may learn how to heal no matter could also be damaged.  Distractions take you additional away from the therapeutic course of.

Experimentation may assist you see that there are many ways to meditate.  There is no such thing as a one “proper” manner.  What works for one doesn’t for others.  Meditation does not imply sitting in a lotus place and having a clean slate in your thoughts (until that works for you).

Meditation can occur once you’re sitting, standing, strolling, or mendacity down.  Whereas the strategies of focusing that I’ve described will help you sluggish your thoughts chatter, nothing can cease it.  You’re human.  You’ll be able to’t flip off your mind.  Meditation will help you to extra objectively observe what’s going by your thoughts so to detach from it.  You aren’t your ideas, and meditation will help you perceive that.

To assist you in your experimentation course of, on my Recommended Resources web page I’ve gathered quite a lot of books, programs, and merchandise that both I or individuals I do know and belief have created.  I replace this web page as I study and experiment with new issues myself.  My hope is that one thing there will help you in your journey.

How to lower stress & anxiety using your unique learning style

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