How to Establish a Daily Practice of Almost Something, in Six Steps

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Whether or not it’s meditation, yoga, or your favourite inventive exercise, you’ll get a lot extra from doing it daily. Comply with these six steps, says Anne Cushman, to get pleasure from all the advantages of day by day apply.

Going to a retreat or program is a great approach to deepen our meditation apply. However how can we keep related with these waking-up practices after we go residence to the myriad tasks, emails, tasks, and distractions ready for us?

That is a query that applies not simply to meditation, yoga, and different non secular practices, however to any inventive artwork we wish to commit to, resembling portray, writing, or taking part in an instrument. Paradoxically, the practices we all know are most important to our wellbeing are the very issues which are often pushed apart by day by day duties that really feel extra pressing.

You could begin every day intending to spend half an hour in your zafu, apply strolling meditation in the park, or write three haikus capturing the essence of your insights. However you’re out of yogurt and broccoli, there are 237 unread emails in your inbox, your taxes had been due final week, and your youngster has knocked out a tooth skateboarding or wants you to purchase Japanese print cloth for a historical past mission. So you place off meditating or working in your memoir for yet one more day. After which yet one more. After which yet one more.

These days I’ve been providing college students a six-step plan that I’ve discovered efficient for establishing and sustaining a residence apply of nearly something—even in the center of a crazily busy life. I’ve used these ideas to keep a yoga and meditation apply for nearly 30 years—and in addition to pursue varied long-term creative tasks, resembling writing a novel.

Listed below are six steps you’ll be able to comply with to set up a day by day apply of nearly something:

1. Set Your Intention

Get very clear about what you need to commit to—and much more vital, why.

Why is it vital to you that you just maintain a meditation apply—or do tai chi, or paint wildflowers? What half of you does it nourish? Write down your causes. The extra particular you might be, the extra doubtless you can be to do it. It’s not simply “I need to meditate extra.” It’s “I commit to meditating for ten minutes earlier than I get up the children for college as a result of it retains me calm, grounded, and extra current for my household.” To make your intention even stronger, share it with somebody shut to you. Nevertheless, watch out about speaking about it too broadly—that may dissipate the power.

2. Establish a Cue

That is what reminds you to begin your apply. The simplest and dependable cue is a particular time. As an example, you determine you’ll meditate each night from 9 to 9:30 p.m.

It may also be a floating cue: you’ll do half an hour of yoga proper after you end work, every time that occurs to be. Or you’ll take ten conscious breaths every time you might be about to launch your e mail program. To make sure that your good intentions don’t get overrun by different plans, carve out the time in advance. Write it into your calendar and don’t schedule anything throughout that interval. Make sure to construct in time for any preparations or cleanup which are needed.

Anne Cushman, Establish a Daily Practice, Lion's Roar, Shambhala Sun, How to

Keep in mind, begin modestly. Meditating for ten minutes daily for a yr is extra useful than meditating an hour a day for 3 days, then burning out. Once more, it could possibly assist to let the folks shut to you understand what you might be doing, particularly in the event you reside collectively. That approach they’ll assist you in your dedication.

3. Spherical Up Your Provides

Ensure you have the whole lot you want on your apply in a place the place you’ll find it simply. That approach you don’t have to waste your valuable time looking them down. Preserve a meditation nook with an inviting cushion, a small altar, and a provide of incense and matches. If you’d like to write down your desires each morning, place a pocket book and pen in your bedside desk.

Anne Cushman, Establish a Daily Practice, Lion's Roar, Shambhala Sun, How to

4. Do Your Practice

So that you don’t spend your devoted apply time spacing out or making an attempt to work out the place to get began, it helps to have a plan in place, particularly at first. Know what meditation methodology you plan to apply—for instance, breath meditation or loving-kindness apply—and keep on with one methodology for at the very least a week earlier than switching. (For those who’re planning on utilizing a guided meditation, obtain or bookmark the directions in advance, so that you don’t eat up your meditation time browsing the online.)

For those who’re doing yoga, define a normal routine you’ll be able to fall again on, realizing that in the event you get impressed, you’ll be able to at all times change it when you get going. For those who’re doing writing apply, put some prompts in your journal to get you began.


5. Reward Your self

Sure, theoretically the apply is its personal reward. However particularly if you’re establishing a new sample, it helps to have an exterior reward as effectively. After your daybreak meditation, make your self a cup of inexperienced tea and sip it slowly whereas watching the solar come up. After your night yoga, watch a foolish film along with your children. After you draw in your artwork journal, put a gold star sticker in your calendar. Our brains love this sort of optimistic reinforcement.

6. Monitor your progress

Holding a report of what you’ve and haven’t finished will increase your sense of accountability. Make this half enjoyable! You possibly can go the old style route by checking off packing containers on a calendar. Or you need to use one of the various new habit-tracking apps which are obtainable.

Anne Cushman, Establish a Daily Practice, Lion's Roar, Shambhala Sun, How to

Keep in mind, that is about celebrating your accomplishments, not beating your self up if you miss a day. By way of day by day small adjustments of routine, your entire life can shift over time to a new trajectory. Simply bear in mind to benefit from the journey.


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