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The dictionary describes the Seventh Heaven as a state of intense happiness and excessive pleasure. That’s, in fact, if one had been to exclude the spiritual definitions for that phrase. But, whether or not faith or the informal use of the phrase, human beings have by no means had a tangible and lifelike approach of realizing such a state and really experiencing it in their lives.

You’ll be able to positively obtain this in Sahaja and dwell it totally. It’s actual, sensible and nicely inside attain in case you are prepared to focus and work exhausting. The outcomes are, in fact, nicely value it.

Right here’s how one can expertise that state, or higher nonetheless, spend a extra substantial a part of your acutely aware life being in that state. Right here’s additionally why it might be elusive in at the moment’s world of distractions and an incredible downward pressure pulling us down and away from that blissful state.

The distinctive state and site of bliss is built-in inside your non secular system.

Sahaja’s discovery of the seventh chakra or the Sahasrara is the obvious non secular assemble and a part of our delicate vitality system that provides us a heavenly and blissful state. That is nothing new. Nice saints have identified of its existence for hundreds of years. The problem has all the time been in having the ability to entry it. Or for most individuals, even understanding what “accessing it” actually means. Accessing it means reaching into that increased state or degree by means of our consideration, which is the first automobile of human consciousness.

How does our consideration acquire entry to the seventh chakra?

Thanks to the highly effective Kundalini vitality and its pure motion, it does the job of elevating our consciousness and getting our consideration to contact the realm of the Sahasrara or the seventh chakra. So, once we meditate each time in Sahaja, we request and trigger our Kundalini vitality to rise and elevate our consideration into that coveted zone of bliss.

Why is the entry or rising into that seventh chakra so exhausting?

There are a number of causes for this. Most of our non secular delicate vitality programs are clogged with obstacles that the Kundalini vitality encounters when rising and passing by means of the opposite chakras. 

Spirituality is probably the most delicate phenomenon inside us, so these obstacles are fashioned due to our sub-optimal behaviors and persona traits that we purchase over time. Typically, they might additionally be associated to physiological points or well being points.

If we had been good and had no imbalances, the Kundalini would rush by means of easily in a cut up second, giving us instantaneous entry into the Sahasrara. We might then expertise a state of inconsiderate consciousness to begin with and go deeper. Past that, we might really feel whole non secular bliss (a state often called Satchitanand – the mixing of fact, consideration and pleasure, this state is the one to obtain as described by historical non secular scriptures).

However as regular human beings, we dwell in our societies, and our consideration is topic to a number of distractions, many occasions onto undesirable issues. However greater than exterior distracting influences, we’ve an even bigger self-created impediment inside us.

Our cognitive functioning dominates our existence.

That is, in normal, regular and good, for, in spite of everything, who wouldn’t need to assume, analyze and behave rationally? And it’s higher than these senseless, impulsive folks on the market, appropriate?

However the issue lies in that the cognitively pushed conduct leads to extreme psychological exercise in some unspecified time in the future – it’s exhausting for us to management or draw a transparent line as to how a lot of considering is important and even good for us. And for these skeptical of spirituality or the existence of upper states past the thoughts, it’s much more sophisticated. They shut out the opportunity of utilizing something different than simply their skill to assume, rationalize and current their arguments.

Sadly, all of this causes a severe overuse and block on the sixth or the Agnya chakra. And that chakra, whereas nicely developed in human beings to assist them distinguish themselves from different residing beings, turns into an advanced establishment. We transfer over from simply the issue of extreme psychological exercise to uncontrollable considering. 

Then there are even additional problems – we develop an extreme sense of ego inside us. As we get older, the issue turns into worse. The ego inside us makes us cussed and inflexible and we develop the ego’s problematic cousin or sibling – the superego as nicely. The superego is the complication in the sixth chakra that makes us dogmatic, rigid and unwilling to yield even once we’re incorrect.

The online results of all that is that we’re closed spiritually to the chance of accessing the seventh chakra that lies past. Our conduct, persona and character traits are closely influenced by the product of our personal considering and illusions quite than actuality. Even worse, we might start to take pleasure in our mental indulgence that fully shuts out the chance and entry to the upper superconscious state. We be ok with realizing issues, having the ability to rationalize and really feel safe that our lives are programmed and managed by plenty of data, ignoring the danger of that data being flawed or closely biased in the primary place.

The issue is that it turns into difficult to extricate ourselves out of this mental mire of ideas that just about is broadcasting inside us like a radio station each minute that we’re awake.

How can we break into the seventh heaven?


First, we notice the non secular assemble and the appreciable obstacle being created by our sixth heart and open ourselves to the opportunity of going past this heart.


Our Kundalini awakening and subsequent meditation apply will get us began on this try to transcend our psychological state. Initially, we wrestle to dissociate ourselves from the clutches of our psychological exercise. Our disorganized ideas and the distractions round us strive to pull our consideration downwards and away from the upper state. That is the very purpose why most new folks wrestle with attaining and sustaining the state of Inconsiderate Consciousness that’s distinctive to Sahaja meditation.


Being humble and surrendering to the non secular vitality inside and the all-pervading energy of the universe, helps us enhance and inch in direction of realizing increasingly more of the seventh chakra. Each these are exhausting, however potential, with a each day focus.


Then we take particular actions to cut back the detrimental impacts of the sixth chakra. We strive to let go of all incidents and forgive those that are holding us again and interfering with our pure consideration. The promise and attraction of the seventh chakra make it simpler over time.


As soon as cleared of the lack to forgive, we strive to transfer to a everlasting fashion of residing, the place the superior divine pressure and vitality inside and throughout us information us in life. We transfer from a state of steady psychological exercise to intuitively remedy our issues in life. Many occasions, we attempt to take a pause and observe if there’s a message that this energy is attempting to give us. We’re extra affected person and prepared to await the course from the divine energy. We start to use our meditation to keep away from desirous about the whole lot. We develop dynamism and creativity and steadily, life turns into fulfilling and we relish every problem.

Our consideration turns into so clear that we take exact and fast motion when wanted. We transfer away from considering and considering, to taking significant motion.


We start to notice intuitive options and messages from deep inside us and use these to drive all our choices and actions in our lives. We perceive that whereas we like to plan and arrange our lives, permitting serendipity and our intuitions in our lives is equally essential.


The chance of our ego and superego dominating us nonetheless exists, however we all know how to be conscious of it and handle it, so it doesn’t play an outsized position in our lives. At occasions, we are able to even giggle at our ego. Dynamism turns into a key element of our lives as we transfer away from the clutches of the superego, eliminating all of the rigidity. 

At this level, a typical meditator and particularly a Sahaja practitioner might really feel settled and grounded. It could take weeks or months or typically, years to get to this level, however everybody ultimately manages to get this stunning mountain peak.

How does being on the seventh chakra really feel?

You’ll be able to really feel the noise and countless views and counter views in this world move beneath you, barely affecting you. You are feeling like you may have an ocean of endurance and forgiveness, and it takes quite a bit to get you disturbed or anxious. 

You’ll by no means end up groping round to discover the appropriate choices to make or motion to take. You’ll be humbled by the sheer movement if the vibrations of the vitality round you and into your being. Worries disappear. These materials belongings you used to chase, grow to be unimportant. You emanate a form of magnetism that individuals are drawn to you even if you’re silent. They can not perceive how one can be pleased and calm once they’re struggling for a similar – ultimately, they give the impression of being up to you for assist.

You are feeling such as you’ve developed some robust non secular muscle.

Those that use the seventh chakra see meditation very in another way.

Most meditators that haven’t but discovered the deep expertise of the seventh heaven see meditation as a method and a time slot on their each day calendar. They undergo the motions and verify off an merchandise on their checklist. They obtain meditation apps and do 5-minute meditations to keep calm. They like to examine spirituality and meditation, greater than they really meditate. They could acquire plenty of data about it in the method and be ok with it. They find yourself touching the tip of the iceberg on the expertise of the meditation. They maintain their “meditation” separate from their “lives.”

Those that meditate utilizing the seventh chakra, then again, can see and really feel the residing energy of the Kundalini vitality inside them, day in and time out. To them, meditation is about falling into that state, effortlessly. It’s a occurring and phenomenon. They hardly ever fear about techniques and methods. They could not know so much concerning the intricacies of the delicate vitality system, however they’re exact in realizing what a part of it has an issue and wishes consideration. They seem to be quite simple, but, their intuitive data is super. They emit vibrations and a powerful magnetic attraction. They dwell and breathe spirituality. Love and compassion comes naturally to them.

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