How Can Essential Oils Restore a "Leper" to Society As in the Bible Tales?

One in all the methods anointing with important oils was used in Biblical occasions was for therapeutic and restoring those that had been sick again to the community-especially the lepers.

Anointing with oils was used for soothing of wounds and referred to in different books like the Apocalypse of Moses as an “oil of mercy” and as a treatment for each form of sickness. The concept that oil conferred well being and well-being is the significance of a ceremony in the cleaning of the leper discovered in Lev 14:15-18. We want to keep in mind that any form of “icky” pores and skin situation was categorized as leprosy-this would possibly embody Hansen’s Illness (what we all know as leprosy immediately), eczema and psoriasis to title however a few. The Leviticus passage just isn’t a purification ceremony however the conveying of life as is recommended by the anointing of the head. All the ceremony signifies that the previously ostracized individual is now accepted as soon as extra into the lifetime of society. That is such an fascinating account for if you understand something about the Vita-Flex factors in the physique, these three are important. The priest was to put a few of the oil on the tip of the proper ear-a reflex level to launch guilt. Then he put oil on the thumb of the proper hand and the huge toe on the proper foot that are each reflex factors for the mind and pineal gland-the heart of the physique’s communication techniques and the place the place emotional reminiscence is saved.

“The priest shall take a few of the log of oil [a liquid measure] and pour it into the palm of his personal left hand, and dip his proper finger in the oil that’s in his left hand and sprinkle some oil along with his finger seven occasions earlier than the Lord. A few of the oil that is still in his hand the priest shall placed on the lobe of the proper ear of the one to be cleansed, and on the thumb of the proper hand, and on the huge toe of the proper foot, on prime of the blood of the guilt providing. The remainder of the oil that’s in the priest’s hand he shall placed on the head of the one to be cleansed. Then the priest shall make atonement on his behalf earlier than the Lord.” Lev. 14:15-18

The oil used in this specific ritual was that of cedarwood- certainly one of the oldest oils recognized to man. It was used to cleanse lepers and evil spirits-used in related methods as sandalwood. The Egyptians and Sumerians had been utilizing it over 5,000 years in the past for embalming, as a disinfectant and for different medicinal functions. For biblical folks, this oil symbolized abundance, fertility and religious energy. It’s nonetheless used as a temple incense by the Tibetans and is employed in their conventional medication.

Oil in the Previous Testomony seems basically as a supply of energy, vitality and life. To own an oil was proof of wealth and a mark of the nation’s prosperity. Anointing somebody with oil paid the individual nice honor. So it was spoken of as bringing pleasure and gladness to festive events. Oil created bonds between events the place the anointer confirmed his authority and warranted his help and safety. And in sacred contexts, anointing with an oil acquired the weight of theology and of holiness.

Source by Linda Lee Smith

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