Could You Use This Protective Vitality?

Could You Use This Protective Vitality?

Written By Liz Oakes

Chiastolite is a fairly distinctive deep brown stone with a pure black cross formation in its construction.

Historic individuals revered the cross inside it as an indication from God. This uncommon crystal has lengthy been considered a stone that’s extremely protecting.

ChiastoliteChiastolite… The Cross Stone

These historical beliefs have been proven to be true, as it’s a extremely efficient psychic safety stone.

stones have robust metaphysical properties, as in meditation they’ll
assist you to attach with the akashic information to find previous life

They assist you to vary unfavorable vitality into optimistic, and foster concord and peace.

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The place Is It From? Chiastolite That means

The that means of its title comes from the Greek phrase “chiastos” that means cruciform or crosswise. This crystal additionally has the widespread title of Cross Stone.

The stone Andalusite is identical stone in one other kind, that doesn’t have a visual cross inside it.

These stones are generally brown with a black cross within the heart, and are present in quite a few international locations, together with Australia, Spain, Sri Lanka, China, France, Chile, Brazil, Russia, Canada and the USA.

Green ChiastoliteInexperienced Chiastolite

A much less widespread colour of those stones, present in Australia, is black stones with a inexperienced cross. The piece of stone above is a fairly uncommon colour, and pretty unusual from what I can discover.

I purchased this from an outdated couple who have been rock hounds, who dug it up themselves. I had by no means seen Inexperienced Chiastolite earlier than, and it has a beautiful vitality.

Why Would You Use It?

This brown stone has a extremely protecting vibration. Within the distant previous Chiastolite was used to push back the evil eye and curses by historical individuals.

This is a stone of steadiness and concord, and can counter disagreements between individuals of differing concepts, and rework their attitudes into one among harmonious settlement.

ChiastoliteChiastolite, The Cross Stone

This is a superb stone so that you can use alongside the upper vibration stones, as it’s a highly effective stone to help you to journey to larger religious realms and to be taught in regards to the contents of the akashic information, whereas remaining grounded.

It has a powerful motion to allow you to know your mortality. It lets you remember that you’re on a journey that contains this life and previous lives you might have skilled, life after life, dying and re-birth.

It’s recognized to be useful to boost your creativity. This attention-grabbing stone additionally has an vitality that enhances drawback fixing, because it bolsters analytical talents.

This is a comforting stone if you’re struggling grave sickness. It’s recognized to be useful to ease the dying as they strategy the time to return to spirit.

The vitality of this stone lets you remember that life adjustments, and
that it’s needed for all of us to adapt to the adjustments that happen.

It’s good to make use of when you really feel fearful, depressed, anxious or burdened, and maintaining a chunk on you is without doubt one of the methods to relieve your stress.

How Will It Assist You?

It’s a strong spiritual grounding stone, that has an excellent therapeutic vitality and is useful to strengthen your complete physique, and it really works to restore harm within the auric discipline.

Whenever you connect with the vitality of this stone, you’ll really feel its deep connection to the earth and its vibration might energize any chakra the place you may select to make use of it.


Andalusite or Cross Stone will enable you to if it’s essential to adapt to vary. It might be notably useful when you expertise surprising extreme
sickness that will problem your relationship with spirit.

This uncommon stone has a fairly pleasant vibration. Whenever you maintain one among
them in your hand you’ll be able to simply really feel its robust comforting vitality.

This is an appropriate stone that can assist you as you age, when you could discover that
you might be now not in a position to do what you could beforehand have achieved. It’s a robust stone to help the enamel and bones.

ChiastoliteTwo Chiastolite Cross Stones

It might steadiness the blood movement and is claimed to help the physique to restore
chromosome harm. They enable you to to vary unfavorable vitality into
optimistic, and foster concord and peace.

As it’s a psychic protection stone, this data permits you to really feel safer when you could be going into locations the place you’re feeling fearful or at risk.

Sporting Chiastolite

Chiastolite is easy to buy, and these distinctive darkish brown stones have a pure black cross formation inside them. 

In former occasions it was revered as a result of the cross inside it was seen as extremely religious.  Sporting a pendant produced from this stone is kind of eye-catching and weird.

This enticing stone is on the zodiac birthstones list, and Chiastolite jewellery is gorgeous to put on to help you to remain grounded.

Chiastolite PendantChiastolite Pendant

As they modify unfavorable vitality into optimistic, and promote concord, it is a good vibration to have resonating inside your aura.

It’s a Libra birthstone, and Chiastolite pendants are additionally good to put on for defense. 

are helpful for anybody in psychic employment to put on as they’ll assist
you make an excellent religious connection and nonetheless keep grounded.

How To Use It

This number of Andalusite will each stimulate and energize the base or root chakra in addition to the crown chakra.

This vitality will then assist the activation of each the earth chakra under your ft and the soul star chakra above the top.


The stimulation of those two non-body chakras aids you to deliver vitality by from spirit, and to floor it to earth. This permits you to usher in as a lot excessive vibration vitality as you need, as it will likely be safely taken to earth. 

This is a superb stone to use for meditation, as it’s grounding and carries a powerful vibration of psychic safety.

It was utilized in olden occasions for defense, as they appeared to intuitively know that this stone had protecting qualities. These beliefs at the moment are recognized to be true, as it is rather environment friendly psychic safety stone.

Entry The Akashic Information

Chiastolite has glorious metaphysical properties, as in meditation they’ll assist you to make a connection to the akashic information to study your previous lives.


It’s going to assist you to journey within the religious realms to the realm of the akashic information. The well-known mystic Edgar Cayce referred to the Akashic information, and additionally it is referred to as the collective unconscious.

It’s the repository of all that has ever occurred, and the place you’ll be able to go to and examine your individual previous life experiences. The knowledge found might assist you to work out how your previous lives relate to your present life.

“Every has his previous shut in him, just like the leaves of a ebook recognized to him by coronary heart and his pals can solely learn the title.” Virginia Woolf.

Combining It With Different Stones

Pair them with Lemurian Quartz Crystals, to help you to retrieve historical reminiscences from the Lemurian civilization. This is nice stone to mix with any of the excessive vibration stones to preserve you each grounded and guarded.

They’re additionally good to spice up the vitality of any of the opposite religious grounding stones and could also be mixed with another psychic safety stones for added vitality.

Good stones to make use of with it is likely to be Black Obsidian, Jet or Black Tourmaline additionally referred to as Schorl.


That will help you to improve your drawback fixing means, mix it with different crystals that may improve this capability.

You might use it with among the stones which are recognized to be helpful to help you with this, corresponding to Afghanite, Hackmanite, Cassiterite, Thulite, Datolite, Thaumasite, Fuchsite, Muscovite or Variscite.


Use the vitality of Chiastolite to spice up different stones that additionally assist you to entry the Akashic information.

Use your instinct that can assist you to determine the very best one for you, as there are a couple of you may select to make use of. There are fairly a couple of particular stones which are good to make use of for this goal.

Mix it with stones corresponding to Shaman Stones, Cavansite, Calligraphy Stone, Axinite, Goethite, Creedite, White Heulandite, Merlinite, Petrified Wooden, Euclase, Covellite, Black Andradite Garnet, Libyan Desert Glass aka Libyan Gold Tektite and Blue Apatite.

Calligraphy StoneCalligraphy Stone
Clear EuclaseClear Euclase

Green ChiastoliteInexperienced Chiastolite

Whenever you purchase a brand new stone or crystal, it’s advantageous to apply it to its
personal first. As soon as you might be totally conscious of its vitality, you could select to
mix it with different stones. Mix stones for brief durations to start
with, as people might react in a different way.

However figuring out how one can mix
varied stones could also be useful, as this lets you get probably the most from
your crystals, and will enable you to to resolve particular issues in your life.

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