How I Fall Asleep Faster

When you’ve been following my 12 months on social media, it’s been a doozy for me. There’s all the plain stuff (racism, COVID, election— 2020 has been a firey hellscape), plus my journey through PPD and new motherhood with a really excessive wants child. It’s been ROUGH and my sleep has suffered tremendously. Even as

Small Business Owners Behind the Mantra Field®: Home Spa Edition

We took a different approach with this quarter’s Mantra Field®, and I’m actually happy with the merchandise we’ve put collectively to share with you in the Home Spa Edition. The enterprise homeowners who introduced us the pure magnificence, luxurious skincare and self care treats you’ll discover inside have shared the visions behind their work under

Yoga Teachers Take On QAnon

A number of months in the past, Seane Corn, a yoga trainer and Instagram influencer in Los Angeles with more than 100,000 followers, began noticing one thing odd taking place on her social media feeds. A lot of her friends within the on-line wellness neighborhood have been sharing posts that appeared aligned with QAnon, the