How to Meditate with Crystals

Oh sure, we learn the books and so they’re nice for telling us what this or that crystal is sweet for. However do they inform us how to do a crystal meditation? The precise how-to? I at all times educate my college students, I discover the BEST approach to make that connection and know what

Boosts Your Energy & Improves Self Esteem

Boosts Your Energy, Improves Self Esteem and Confidence… Written By Liz Oakes Bixbite has a vibration that’s fairly highly effective, because it brings collectively the center chakra power with that of the bottom chakra. Its power might allow you to to really feel extra energized. It could be useful that will help you to recuperate

Increase Optimism & Self Confidence

Increase Optimism and Self Confidence Written By Liz Oakes Aventurine stones are crystals that include a very good quantity of quartz in them, together with inclusions of varied different minerals, which supplies them their particular shade. They’re necessary stones to have inside your assortment for fairly just a few causes. One main motive is that

Enhance Creativity, Boost Self Esteem

Enhance Creativity & Boost Self Esteem Written By Liz Oakes Bumble Bee Jasper is a powerful earth power stone, that embodies inside it the sturdy power of the volcano from which it was birthed. It’s an uncommon stone that was shaped the place a volcano opened to the earth. These stones stimulate each the sacral

Keep You Grounded & Protected

Highly effective Crystals That Floor You & Defend You  Written By Liz Oakes Earth chakra stones have robust properties to hold you grounded and guarded, and to safe your aura inside the bodily world. A lot of your daily actions have the potential to unground you.  Utilizing computer systems for lengthy intervals of time, driving round

Charging Crystals Under the Full Moon

Thanks for hanging in there with these lite-blog publish variations. Immediately’s is all about charging crystals beneath the full moon. In a number of weeks, we needs to be again to our regular right here — however in the meantime, we’re rollin’ with it. Hope you might be too! Immediately, we’re protecting:

Could You Use This Protective Vitality?

Could You Use This Protective Vitality? Written By Liz Oakes Chiastolite is a fairly distinctive deep brown stone with a pure black cross formation in its construction. Historic individuals revered the cross inside it as an indication from God. This uncommon crystal has lengthy been considered a stone that’s extremely protecting. Chiastolite… The Cross Stone