Can You do Zen Meditation in a Chair: How Zazen Works

Can You do Zen Meditation in a Chair

Can you do Zen meditation in a chair? When you consider it, this could not even be a query, proper? Nevertheless, the factor is, with regards to Zen meditation, there are specific issues that it is best to comply with.

Not that some necessities are literally wanted, however a lot of people that had been profitable in doing Zen meditation counsel that it is best to have particular issues to have the ability to immerse your self in the exercise correctly.

One other factor to notice is that Zen meditation can be related to Zen Buddhism, so following the steps which are distinctive to custom is not only about doing issues accurately, but additionally a signal of respect. Additional, a lot of people that do Zen meditation actually do not get out of the norms as a result of the standard manner of doing it really works actually nice. However once more, we’re simply speaking about a chair right here.

We do not intention to alter the way in which you meditate; as an alternative, it’s simply a query of the place it is best to sit. A fast Google search will present you that individuals who do hardcore Zen meditation are towards this follow, however does it actually have an effect on your way of meditating?

Why does it matter should you sit on the ground or a chair? Be part of us as we talk about this considerably extremely debated concern and discover out should you can do Zen meditation in a chair.

What’s Zen Meditation?

For us to totally perceive the difficulty of utilizing a chair or not, we should always first know what the core of Zen meditation is. The follow of Zen meditation can be known as Zazen. This Japanese phrase, when translated, means sitting and meditation. With this, we will conclude that the sitting half is as important because the postures for meditation.

The objective of Zazen is so that you can uncover your self. By doing so, you’ll finally have a religious awakening so that you can merge with the universe. It isn’t a perception or a faith; relatively, it’s an expertise. Thus, the precise meditation and doing it accurately is necessary as a result of these are what’s going to get you to that “zen.”

If you follow Zazen completely, it turns into a part of your day by day movement. It will likely be with you when you’re consuming, working, sleeping, speaking, and so on. This concept is definitely quite simple. Actually, it’s so easy that it’s troublesome to understand, however the hope is that you’ll get to know what Zen is all about whenever you focus in your respiration, posture, and what not to consider.

Can You do Zen Meditation in a Chair?

It’s nonetheless not sure should you can or can not do Zen meditation in a chair. So, we’re going to offer you explanations for every reply.

Zen meditation on a chair isn’t the way in which to go as a result of Zazen depends closely on correct posture, positions, and respiration. So that you can correctly execute this, you have to be sitting on the ground with a meditation cushion. On the identical time, some positions want you to the touch the ground. So, how else will you do these positions in case you are in a chair?

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One other factor to notice is the truth that you additionally want to contemplate the existence of the chair in your meditation. Often, step one of Zazen is to concentrate on your environment.

If you’re on a chair, you also needs to take into consideration its weight, its really feel, its design, and so on. This provides extra thought to your meditation that solely individuals who have been doing Zazen for a very long time can do correctly. In a nutshell, being on a chair can even distract you.

Zen Buddhists are additionally unsure on this, however a nearer take a look at the entire thought of Zazen helps this reply. Identical to what we mentioned earlier than, the top objective of Zazen is so that you can totally immerse your self in the universe; for the issues round you and your self to grow to be one. Then, if utilizing a chair will show you how to get to that time, why not use it?

Additionally, Zazen isn’t a self-discipline that ought to be hindered by guidelines. The truth that chances are you’ll be restricted to sure ground positions may be thought-about as a deterrent to reaching zen. The necessary factor is the truth that you’re sitting whereas meditating. It doesn’t matter how you bought to your sense of self, relatively the factor that it is best to be aware is that you simply had been in a position to meditate.

Lastly, being in tune with zen is in case you are incorporating it into your day by day life. In at this time’s time, you actually do not have to hold a cushion with you in every single place. If you’re at work and really feel the necessity to meditate, you possibly can merely begin doing so in the consolation of your workplace chair. This motion alone is the embodiment of Zazen.

How to do Zazen on a Chair?

Listed here are the proper steps for doing Zazen.

  1. Select a chair with a cushion. By no means use revolving chairs and people with armrests.
  2. Make your setting comfy and keep in mind that the objective is to not stimulate your 5 senses. Therefore, it’s best to face the wall.
  3. Chill out your physique and plant your ft flat on the bottom. You should additionally keep correct posture and stabilize your decrease physique.
  4. Sit in the entrance half of the chair and do not lean again.
  5. As soon as seated, take deep breaths as you consider your vertebrae stacking from the underside up and let your ideas attain up till your neck. As soon as it does, pull in your chin to be in the right relaxed place.
  6. Put your left hand on prime of the precise hand with the guidelines of your thumbs collectively and place them in your lap.
  7. Breathe out a few instances and slowly sway facet to facet whereas sustaining a straight posture. Think about you’re following a horizontal line.
  8. Whereas swaying, preserve your eyes open and simply take a look at the wall in entrance of you.
  9. Carry on swaying slowly whereas taking deep breaths till you attain a relaxed state; from right here, you possibly can do meditation.
  10. After meditating, do not stand abruptly. Return to swaying to get again to the sensation of you being on a chair and keep nonetheless for a whereas earlier than leaving the Zazen posture.


The reply to “Can you do Zen meditation in a chair?” isn’t actually a precise one. The factor to notice is the objective behind it. Doing it the standard manner could make you attain the zen state simpler, however it doesn’t imply that you simply can not do it in your individual manner. Simply so long as you’re meditating correctly, it does not likely matter the place you’re meditating.

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