Black Moonstone ~ The Divine Feminine & Protection

Black Moonstone is the rarest type of Moonstone that basically packs a punch for me.  Moonstone, who’s geological title is Hecatolite, consists of two totally different feldspars (Albite & Orthoclase). As Moonstone is created and cools, these two feldspars combine in numerous methods and all the time in layers. When gentle touches the areas between these layers, it creates adularescence, often known as ‘Flash’.

The highest high quality Moonstone comes from India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar (all of mine is sourced from these international locations as it’s merely the very best and I’m blessed to have visited the mines in Sri Lanka in individual). The numerous totally different colors or varieties of Moonstone are all the way down to the mixture of these two feldspars, however usually with the inclusion of a 3rd chemical or mineral part.

There’s Pure Moonstone, which is a creamy/peach/brown color and has a peachy or golden kind of flash. Then there’s Rainbow Moonstone, which is white and may be fairly milky white and even crystal clear relying on the standard (the clearer it’s, the upper the standard) ~ what denotes it as Rainbow Moonstone is that it has a blue flash. This title took place a few years in the past when giant chunks of Rainbow Moonstone used to scrub up on the shores of India, ‘As soon as in a Blue Moon’. Rainbow Moonstone is usually referred to as Blue Moonstone, however they’re the identical mineral, merely with a distinct title. If the Moonstone is white with no flash, it’s referred to as White Moonstone.

If buying Moonstone jewelry in any kind, all the time examine that the again of the piece is open. If it’s closed, the Moonstone has more than likely been painted on the again and sealed to cover the paint. This produces a flash that isn’t pure, as within the case of brilliant pink or inexperienced Moonstone. Additionally they do that with the color blue and I’ve even seen extraordinarily costly items in excessive avenue jewellers which can be being bought as pure Rainbow Moonstone when they aren’t. They use low grade White Moonstone that has no flash to create these painted items ~ all the time examine that the again of the jewelry is open.

Years in the past, I had an terrible dialog with a beautiful woman who was visiting the Sandringham Craft Honest in Norfolk together with her household. She had bought an especially costly piece of ‘Rainbow Moonstone’ from a excessive avenue jeweller for her daughter’s 21st birthday. With out considering, I took one take a look at it and mentioned ‘they’ve painted that piece, it’s not real’. The woman’s face turned to thunder. She was livid and began to argue that it had value £100s and I didn’t know what I used to be speaking about. I used to be completely mortified. Lesson discovered. In future, say nothing to a buyer except requested!!

Black Moonstone is a darker, virtually black color with a peachy/golden/white or silver kind flash simply beneath the floor. It might additionally look shattered or very clearly layered with cream, white or orangey veins and features. That is completely regular given it’s layered composition. The orange is usually an inclusion of Iron. All Moonstone is similar on this side, it’s simply simpler to see the layering with a darkish background.

Black Moonstone is superb for hormones as girls grow old. Rainbow Moonstone works higher for young women who’re nonetheless of their little one birthing years, however as quickly as we attain peri-menopause, our system wants one thing just a little bit stronger. Black Moonstone is especially good at easing down sizzling flushes. Should you undergo from sizzling flushes, temper swings and all of the pleasant unwanted side effects that include a lady’s hormones easing off as we transfer into our latter years, examine in with any points that may relate to the Base, Sacral, Tantien or Photo voltaic Plexus chakras (decrease again, renal, digestive & reproductive methods in each women and men).

Extra details about the chakra system and crystals that assist these decrease areas may be discovered Here. Having previous wounds or power caught on this a part of our power system could make the signs of menopause a lot worse. The extra we are able to heal, clear and maintain our decrease chakras balanced and wholesome, the better menopause can be.

Black Moonstone helps massively with that as it really works to launch power and produce novel options regarding these decrease chakras, while additionally connecting us to our increased consciousness and knowledge ~ permitting us to step into our Divine Feminine power in a wholesome, balanced approach. It is vitally empowering. Black Moonstone is alleged to stimulate the Pineal Gland, opening up our consciousness and educating us learn how to heighten and use our instinct. Women and men each carry divine masculine and female power, so whether or not you’re a lady desirous to develop your instinct or a person who must get in contact together with his extra female, intuitive & nurturing facet, this magical mineral works for each genders equally properly.

On a non secular stage, Black Moonstone could be very protecting and fairly grounding, so we’re capable of suppose clearly and successfully. This protecting power permits us to breathe by way of worry and transfer into our hearts from a spot of affection.

What many individuals don’t realise about Black Moonstone is that it’s power additionally protects us from EMFs, cellphones and so forth. and is great for anybody who is extremely delicate to electrical power. I all the time put on Shungite 24/7 for this objective, but additionally have Black Moonstone by my bedside and take an additional piece for cover when am conscious I’ll be in crowds of individuals or near a considerable amount of electrical power, akin to in a cinema or at a live performance.

Black Moonstone additionally symbolises loyalty ~ each to our personal integrity and to others. I might use this crystal if I have been working with features of myself that I discover troublesome to simply accept. It’s a nice stone for silencing that internal, detrimental, self critic (or Ego Thoughts) all of us have and mine can babble away within the background fairly incessantly if am not aware. Black Moonstone helps me in being extra current and conscious of my internal ideas and dialogue.

One of many world’s premier staff of Dragon power has labored extensively with Black Moonstone as it’s mentioned to carry forth connection to recognized and unknown sources of Common Vitality. There aren’t many minerals that work instantly and successfully with Dragon power, but when you end up pulled to working with Dragons, this mineral is essentially the most supportive in aiding a stronger connection and move of knowledge between you. There’s something magical about this mineral because it additionally works superbly with Earth and Elemental power.

Black Moonstone is an excellent, fairly magical mineral to work with and is greatest used persistently ~ so carry a chunk with you for a full lunar cycle or have a bigger piece by your bedside or on a espresso desk so it’s inside your auric power discipline (the aura round our physique) and I’d recommend selecting it up and easily holding it or turning it in your palms while watching tv or stress-free. So long as there’s day by day connection and make contact with as working with the power of Black Moonstone is cumulative, so the extra you utilize it, the deeper into our power system it permeates.

With a lot love and brightest of blessings

Krissy XXX



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