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Study About Numerous Varieties, Benefits & How To Use Them

Written By Liz Oakes

Crystal wands are highly effective instruments, so if you’re a crystal healer you’ll most likely have already got one, and can be utilizing it while you do crystal therapeutic along with your purchasers.

You shouldn’t have to be a crystal healer to utilize certainly one of them. They’re highly effective instruments for anybody and everybody to make use of to help therapeutic, and could also be comprised of numerous varieties of stone or crystal.

Clear Quartz Crystal WandClear Quartz Crystal Wand

Wands are conventional therapeutic instruments utilized in numerous locations all through the world for a whole lot even hundreds of years. Naturally occurring lengthy straight items of crystal have historically been used as wands for therapeutic numerous illnesses. 

Over time they grew to become acknowledged for his or her highly effective therapeutic properties, as they’re highly effective therapeutic crystals so that you can use to assist your self and others. 

This text is primarily geared toward serving to you to study the advantages of utilizing a wand for therapeutic and that will help you to determine what sort of wand you may select to start with.

Afterward you may buy one other, and no matter which one you begin with, you would find yourself with quite a few wands, they usually could also be comprised of a wide range of crystal varieties.

Wand That means… What Is A Crystal Wand?

The dictionary that means of the phrase wand is claimed to be “an extended skinny stick or rod”. Placing this that means along with the phrase crystal, you’ll be able to see {that a} crystal wand could also be stated to be a bit of crystal that’s lengthy and skinny and formed like a rod or stick.

Whereas many crystal wands are certainly lengthy and skinny, others could also be shorter, and people actually are wonderful as they simply tuck into the palm of the hand when you’re utilizing them.

There are a lot of varieties of wands, that means that they’re all wands however their form could fluctuate a bit or lots, in accordance to the explanation or main function that they could also be use for.

Whereas therapeutic wands are often fabricated from quartz crystal, it’s now widespread to see wand formed stone items which might be primarily made for therapeutic massage.

These could also be comprised of a wide range of stone varieties, and are sometimes comprised of tougher stone that’s extra strong and stands as much as therapeutic massage, such a the stunning Poppy Jasper wand proven right here.

They don’t seem to be actually the kind of stone wands which might be used for crystal therapeutic, however it’s possible you’ll profit from utilizing them for therapeutic massage.

The stone properties of particular person varieties of crystal will enable you to in fact. If you’re utilizing them for therapeutic massage,  the kind of wand you may use will not be often pointed however has a clean rounded finish.

There are additionally many artistic people who find themselves making wands with creative inclusions, akin to coloured crystal items connected.

However for therapeutic this is not needed, however they’re attention-grabbing and lots of are fairly beautiful wands that could be used for different functions.

No matter wand you select, just remember to cleanse it each earlier than and after utilizing it, as all varieties of wands will soak up negativity which may be launched throughout therapeutic.

How Will A Crystal Wand Assist You?

There are numerous ways in which crystal wands may help you, as they’re highly effective instruments for crystal therapeutic, and there are a variety of wand varieties and completely different causes for selecting every type.

The rationale for utilizing a crystal wand principally pertains to the best way it channels vitality to the situation you want it to go to. That is vital as it may possibly help the therapeutic of a selected well being downside.

All varieties or varieties of stone wands are chosen for the particular advantages that relate to the stone or crystal that they’re comprised of, mixed with their form as this does make a distinction.

Brandberg QuartzBrandberg Quartz Wand

Pure stone wands have quite a few highly effective advantages, however man-made wands may also be highly effective therapeutic instruments, particularly the fantastic vogels.

Vogel wands are created by craftsman in a particular manner, and are polished and faceted exactly into  a selected form, with a view to make them focus vitality, as directed by the healer. 

They’ve an amazingly robust vibration that’s highly effective to help therapeutic.

Vogels are potent therapeutic aids, and embody a tremendous and highly effective vitality that can be utilized to channel vitality into the physique, so are sometimes a part of the instruments that crystal healers use.

How To Select The Greatest Wand For Your Goal

There are a variety of the reason why you may select a selected sort of wand, and this may increasingly rely upon whether or not you’re a skilled healer who desires to make use of it in your therapeutic follow.

In the event you would merely like a wand to make use of to heal your loved ones, pals or your self, or in case you really feel you’d profit from having a wand to make use of to activate crystal grids you create, then there are many decisions.

Tibetan Black QuartzTibetan Black Quartz Quick Wand

Any pure crystals that has a pure level on one finish can be utilized as a wand, and double terminated quartz of any sort have pure attributes to make use of as wands.

Items of double terminated quartz just like the Tibetan Black Quartz and the Brandberg Quartz pictured right here might be used as wands as all varieties of quartz will run vitality alongside them, its actually all about your intention.

There are principally a few standards to contemplate when you’re fascinated by acquiring a crystal wand, and a few of that is associated to the varied varieties of wands, see extra under.

You do want to consider what you’re going to use it for, and if you’re a healer you’ll be able to have a couple of that can be utilized for numerous varieties of therapeutic.

If you’re not a healer however merely need a wish to use to heal your self or your loved ones, the most important standards is what feels comfy to youUse your intuition that will help you along with your resolution.

Crystal WandTapered Crystal Wand

{Many professional} therapeutic wands, like the attractive vogel wands are comprised of quartz, and lots of of those are comprised of stunning clear quartz crystal.

Clear quartz has a excessive vibration and is called the grasp healer, so it is a superb selection for therapeutic.

Healing wands will be comprised of a wide range of various kinds of crystal and whereas some are naturally occurring it is rather widespread to search out wands which were normal by craftsmen into this form.

So lets begin by trying on the numerous shapes that these therapeutic instruments could also be present in.

  • Double terminated
  • Single termination
  • Rounded ends or ends
  • Vogels are artificial wands which might be exactly formed for explicit functions. Solely use after you will have had coaching of their use.

Spiral formed: You will note many man-made wands promoting, together with spiral formed wands. Personally I’ve by no means used them however as they’re created I might guess that they’re being utilized by some folks.

Utilizing The Energy Of Intention

The ability of intention is an integral a part of utilizing crystal wands. The ability of intention is a power of vitality that may and must be harnessed and mixed with using your wand.

No matter whether or not you’re a certified crystal healer or not, in case you use intention to focus your ideas and mix this with the facility of the crystal you might be utilizing, you’ll create a superb therapeutic outcome.

Whereas your intention relating to its use have to be considered on the time you make your selection of crystal wands, any sort can be utilized for therapeutic if that’s what you need.

You possibly can have a couple of wand, and use them for various functions and maybe have completely different intentions too. 

Utilizing the facility of intention, the consumer can make sure that the highly effective therapeutic vitality embodied within the wand will be harnessed for therapeutic. 

Quartz Crystal Wands… Programming Your Wand

A part of the best way wands work pertains to their form in addition to the kind of crystal they’re comprised of. Many of the wands mentioned under could have a straight undeviating form that permits the vitality to run straight alongside the size of the wand to the place requiring therapeutic.

This happens whether or not the wand is  formed like a cylinder or whether it is tapered, that means it could be wider at one finish than the opposite finish but nonetheless principally straight.

Many crystal wands which might be comprised of pure quartz crystal shall be fully straight from finish to finish, however some shall be tapered, maybe lots or just a bit. 

Clear Quartz Crystal WandClear Quartz Crystal Wand

All forms of quartz have the power to amplify vitality, and they’ll additionally amplify the pure attributes of any minerals that the crystal could comprise.

Wands are generally comprised of clear quartz however it’s not crucial that they’re completely clear.  its is helpful to additionally program your wand to help your therapeutic.

Programming your wand is simple, however bear in mind to make this system easy and do not attempt to manipulate the vitality.

I prefer to program my wands to work for the best good of the particular person being healed.

Checkout my in-depth article about how to program your crystals, as there’s a easy and simple technique described there, which will enable you to if you aren’t completely positive about the way it’s achieved.

Totally different Varieties & Shapes Of Wands… 

Quartz wands that naturally happen within the form of a wand can be found. One of many issues to contemplate is the form of the wand you want to get hold of, and the kind of crystal it’s comprised of.

Pure quartz crystal wands are generally fabricated from clear quartz, however they might even have inclusions of different minerals in them. 

Double terminated (DT) wands: Wands which have some extent, generally known as a termination, on every finish are highly regarded, as they make it straightforward for the vitality to run alongside the size of the crystal. 

They are often pretty straight or could also be tapered with one finish being wider than the opposite finish. DT tapered wands have a number of advantages which I’ll focus on later. 

DT wands will each obtain vitality and transmit it from each ends of the crystal, making them extremely helpful instruments for therapeutic.

Pure DT crystals are generally what is called floaters. Which means that they fashioned with out being connected to a mom rock, so their terminations fashioned naturally. 

Single terminated wands: Some pure wands could not have a naturally occurring termination on each ends and that is possible in the event that they had been  initially rising connected to a rock.

Many of those had been damaged away after they had been being harvested, so they don’t have a pure termination on each ends.

If the world the place they broke away is jagged or tough, in these circumstances this finish could also be smoothed right into a rounded finish, to make them extra comfy to make use of.

Some have a pure level on one finish with the opposite finish not being some extent however having a flat finish. The pointed finish will simply focus the vitality, which win poor health nonetheless run easily by means of these wands.

Rounded finish or ends: Most wands with rounded ends are intentionally made into this form, and the graceful rounded finish could also be used to do smooth tissue therapeutic massage.

Wands with a rounded finish will nonetheless run the vitality effortlessly. The vitality will nonetheless run alongside the size of the crystal, it doesn’t want some extent.

Many wands have one finish pointed with the opposite clean, which makes them extra comfy to carry in your hand. Consolation is vital when utilizing a wand so hold this in thoughts when you’re trying for one.

How To Work With Crystal Wands… How To Use A Wand

Questioning tips on how to work with crystal wands?

There are a variety of ways in which you should use a crystal or stone wand, and the varied methods which you can make use of them is usually coated in most programs on crystal therapeutic.

For these of you who merely want to use them for self therapeutic there are some fundamentals to recollect.  The usage of wands pertains to the best way they channel common vitality into the physique.

It is very important convey vitality into the wand from the Universe or Spirit, then into the particular person (together with your self if doing self therapeutic).

You do have to be conscious that you need to not use your personal vitality as this may increasingly deplete you, and make you turn out to be exhausted, weak and even fairly sick in a short time.

Starseed Lemurian Quartz WandStarseed Lemurian Quartz Wand with a pure level on one finish and a extra flat termination on the opposite finish.

How To Use A Wand Defined Merely:

While you first activate your wand, you give it a route relating to the best way you want it to channel the vitality, to circulation by means of the wand to help therapeutic.

You might direct your crystal wand to convey the common life power vitality down into the physique from the soul star chakra. It should enter the physique by way of the the crown chakra then journey right down to your arm.

The vitality strikes down the arm and makes its methods by means of the wand to the world the place it’s wanted. This all occurs in a short time and is directed utilizing the facility of intention.

Wands with some extent have a extra centered motion to position vitality into a selected place. Wands with a rounded finish fairly than some extent may also convey vitality down into the physique if directed by means of intention, and this may be useful for many who you are feeling want a extra light strategy.

How do you maintain your wand? 

Whereas the best way you maintain your wand does relate to private choice, among the best methods to carry your wand is between the thumb and forefinger.

You might be intuitively guides as to the precise place the place you grip the wand or your selection could also be guided by the form of the wand.

If it is a pure wand, it could have tiny notches, indentations, hollows or tiny protrusions on the floor, and these will be helpful to make use of to help therapeutic. 

Lemurian seed crystals (see picture above) naturally have ridges on the floor and these can be utilized for therapeutic. Check this page on using Lemurian crystals for self healing.

Methods To Use A Crystal Wand

When you have not used a wand earlier than, to begin with there are two primary strategies that you should use use your wand and each begin the identical manner.

Start by holding your wand, then utilizing intention and making a request to Spirit for the vitality to start to circulation into the wand. 

The vitality flows down into the wand: coming into on the base or finish furthest away from the particular person being healed, then strikes alongside the shaft of the wand and out by means of the tip.

Be aware: Earlier than utilizing this on anybody else, follow utilizing it on your self and focus on asking Spirit to convey the vitality by means of. Do that in a meditative state, when it’s simpler to make contact with common vitality and by no means level it at anybody else only for enjoyable.

Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Double Terminated WandPure Clear Quartz Crystal Double Terminated Wand

Methods to make use of quartz crystal wands for therapeutic:

  • Particular person Chakra Healing
  • Engaged on areas which might be painful or that you just intuitively really feel need assistance.

Chakra Healing:

A standard manner is to carry your wand a couple of inches above a selected chakra and transfer the wand in a spiral movement.  Spiraling vitality into particular person chakras will be efficient to rejuvenate any space that’s missing vitality.

Whereas the chakras naturally spiral in a specific route, both clockwise or anti-clockwise, spiraling vitality will nonetheless work to help the particular person if you’re in reference to Spirit, who will make sure that it enters the chakra the suitable manner.

If you’re unsure what chakra is said to the particular downside, please try my web page on chakra meanings and skim particular person pages on the numerous chakras to present you steerage.

Engaged on areas which might be painful or that you just intuitively really feel need assistance:

To assist particular person areas which might be painful and that you just really feel need assistance, merely maintain the wand a couple of inches above the world then ask for the vitality to run. 

Double terminated crystal wands are helpful to help ache, as they help the motion of stagnant vitality, as they carry therapeutic vitality in and transmit vitality from every finish of the wand.

Even when the precise bodily downside will not be associated to the precise space the place you are feeling the ache, the vitality will naturally transfer to the suitable place to assist the person needing therapeutic.

For one of these therapeutic, utilizing an amber wand or a selenite wand will be very efficient. These stone varieties are finest used differently see extra about that within the part under.

About Utilizing Selenite Wands

Selenite is a excessive vibration crystal that could be a highly effective stone to make use of for therapeutic. The kind of selenite generally known as satin spar is usually normal into wand shapes, that are generally known as gentle wands.

See the picture under of my
stunning Selenite gentle wand which is a strong help for therapeutic.
Pure Selenite can be obtainable and it’s potential to get items that
happen in a wand form like the opposite piece under. Amber can be generally made into wands and these can be utilized in the identical manner.

Rounded Shape Selenite WandRounded Form Selenite Wand

Selenite or Amber wands reply to being held after which gently squeezed to activate them to start the therapeutic course of. The energy of intention can be used, protecting in thoughts your intention whilst you gently squeeze the stone.

You then transfer it throughout the physique till you are feeling the vitality change. As soon as you are feeling a change within the vitality you proceed to make use of it at that time till the vitality begins to be much less intense.

Natural Gypsum wandPure Selenite Gypsum Wand

Click here to go to the specific whole section about using Selenite wands.

Whether or not the stone has been formed right into a wand or if it’s a piece that’s naturally in that form, all of those highly effective crystals are wonderful instruments for therapeutic.

My web page on Selenite has particulars about utilizing these wands for therapeutic so if utilizing Selenite for therapeutic pursuits you, you’ll be able to learn extra about it on that web page.

My Last Ideas…

Crystal wands are wonderful aids to make use of to help with therapeutic, and are a part of the instruments that could be utilized by healers, particularly those that specialise in quartz crystal healing.

Lots of you’ll have items of double terminated quartz amongst the crystals you personal so it could profit you to begin utilizing them for crystal therapeutic.

Amber WandAmber Wand

My closing ideas, bear in mind to cleanse your crystals! A easy reminder: bear in mind to cleanse and recharge your wands. After I was doing therapeutic utilizing my wands I all the time cleansed them and the room after every therapeutic.

I often used sage smoke, however when and the place that was not potential I merely used white gentle and the facility of intention, asking Spirit to cleanse the crystals of any detrimental vitality.

Check out my page on cleansing crystals for more information concerning the numerous methods you’ll be able to cleanse your crystals.

Crystal WandsCrystal Wands

Record Of Pages About Crystals For Serving to A Vary Of Points

While you purchase a brand new stone or crystal, it’s advantageous to apply it to its
personal first. As soon as you might be absolutely conscious of its vitality, it’s possible you’ll select to
mix it with different stones. Mix stones for brief durations to start
with, as people could react in a different way.

However figuring out how one can mix
numerous stones could also be useful, as this lets you get essentially the most from
your crystals, and should enable you to to unravel particular issues in your life.

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