25-Minute Bedtime Yoga Sequence for Better Sleep

Cease counting sheep! Ease your self right into a restful evening with this straightforward bedtime yoga sequence to assist decelerate your sympathetic nervous system.

Learn About the Parasympathetic vs. Sympathetic Nervous Systems and How Yoga Affects Each

Day by day, we’re confronted with new challenges, previous worries, and future anxieties that may make it exhausting to go to sleep . . . and to remain asleep. Comply with this straightforward bedtime yoga sequence to decelerate the physique, the thoughts, and aid you get a greater evening’s sleep.

As a yoga teacher, my largest phrase of recommendation is to take the restorative method when doing these poses. In different phrases, utterly loosen up into every yoga pose and easily focus in your breath.

Attempt to meditate when you observe the poses and let your thoughts cease working for simply 25 minutes earlier than mattress. You’ll discover a constructive shift in your sleep, but additionally in your outlook on life as effectively.

Follow This Restorative Bedtime Yoga Sequence Earlier than You Go to Sleep:

To benefit from the added restorative side of this bedtime sequence, you’ll need:

For those who don’t have entry to those yoga props, you possibly can substitute a thick ebook and a giant pillow – and we’ll additionally present ideas for working towards sure poses with out props. In different phrases – we’ve acquired you coated. 🙂

Lizard Pose

This yoga pose is a good hip flexor opener. In case you are a runner or sit at a desk all day, this pose is ideal for you (however will really feel great for everybody).
Lizard Pose
The best way to Follow Lizard Pose:

  • Begin in Down Canine, or in Desk High place
  • Step your proper foot to the surface of your proper hand
  • Drop your again knee right down to the mat, and produce each arms within your entrance leg
  • Permit your head to hold heavy and focus in your deep respiratory
  • Stay for three minutes, after which change sides

To get the total restorative profit, I like to recommend utilizing a yoga block to relaxation your forearms on, or if that’s an excessive amount of of a stretch, you too can place your palms on the block to convey the ground as much as meet you.

Whichever variation you select, attempt to loosen up on this posture by persevering with to breathe deeply and specializing in the breath.


Standing Large Legged Ahead Fold

This posture isn’t solely an effective way to stretch your hamstrings earlier than mattress; it can be very calming together with your head resting on a yoga block.
Straddle Forward Fold
The best way to Follow Standing Large Legged Ahead Fold:

  • Flip to face the lengthy facet of your mat and take a 4-foot step (or as huge as feels comfy for your physique)
  • Seize a yoga block and relaxation it on the tallest facet. (For those who don’t have a block, permit your torso to hold freely and seize reverse elbows)
  • Carry your brow to the block and relaxation your third eye instantly on prime
  • Palms can both be on the ground, dangling, or resting in your decrease again
  • Stay within the pose for 2 minutes, after which slowly rise again to standing

This light inversion may be very useful earlier than mattress as a result of your head is beneath your coronary heart so the blood is dashing to your mind, serving to to clear and calm your thoughts.

Supported Seated Ahead Fold

In Sanskrit, this seated ahead fold known as Paschchimottanasana, and paschima means “west” as a result of it stretches your complete again facet of your physique.

Including help for your head on this pose with a yoga block or a bolster makes it restorative. By permitting your higher again to spherical, you would possibly really feel rigidity launch from inside your shoulder blades.
Seated Forward Fold
The best way to Follow Supported Seated Ahead Fold:

  • Sit up together with your legs straight in entrance of you
  • Start to hinge at your hips as you fold over your legs
  • Don’t fear about retaining your legs straight or your backbone flat – permit your again to spherical and place a block or bolster (or stack block on prime of bolster!) in your shins to relaxation your brow on
  • Maintain this pose for 2 minutes, after which slowly inhale your backbone again to an upright seated place. Choice to make fists and gently faucet the perimeters and prime of your legs

Discover the opening you are feeling within the higher again and proceed respiratory into that house behind your coronary heart.

Supported Reclining Hero

This yoga pose is usually a little intense when you’ve got tight hip flexors and when you’ve got any knee or ankle accidents or cartilage constructed up in your knees and ankle joints.

As a result of this, I extremely suggest doing this posture with a block to sit down on when you’ve got one. For those who don’t, use a bolster or a pillow.

The best way to Follow Reclining Hero:

  • Begin kneeling and unfold your knees a bit wider than hip-distance aside
  • Slide your block / bolster / or pillow beneath your seat after which decrease your hips down till you’re sitting on prime of it
  • If this feels intense, you possibly can keep sitting upright. For those who really feel it’s accessible, you possibly can start to lean again
  • For those who lean again, you possibly can relaxation in your palms or forearms (should you’re in your forearms you have got the choice of dropping your head again)
  • Keep right here for 10 deep breaths after which slowly come out

Reaching your again to the ground isn’t the purpose – you possibly can keep propped up in your palms or forearms till you are feeling a pleasant, light stretch. Keep in mind – these postures are supposed to be restorative!

Reclining Hero is a pleasant bedtime yoga pose for opening the entrance facet of your physique, letting love pour into your soul proper earlier than a superb evening’s sleep.

Supported Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose is a wonderful bedtime yoga pose as a result of it helps relieve decrease again ache and likewise helps you are feeling calm and balanced when you come out of it.
Supported Bridge
The best way to Follow Bridge Pose:

  • Lie in your again, bend your knees, and produce your toes shut sufficient to your booty you can contact your ankles
  • Arms keep by your facet as you start to carry your hips towards the sky
  • Slide your block (on the bottom setting) or bolster / pillow instantly beneath your tailbone
  • Relaxation your fingers both subsequent to you, above your head, or in your abdomen – no matter feels pure
  • Stay right here for 2 minutes
  • Once you’re prepared to come back out, carry your hips to take away your prop after which slowly decrease down one vertebrae at a time. Hug your knees into your chest for a breath after which launch

It is best to really feel supported on this posture, not utilizing any power in any respect. It is a nice posture to go with all of the earlier poses.


Reclined Twist

With all of the ahead folds and backbends to date, a easy twist will really feel so good in your decrease again.
Reclined Twist
The best way to Follow Reclined Twist:

  • Begin by mendacity in your again with each legs straight in entrance of you, arms by your facet
  • Carry your proper knee into your chest, and preserve your left leg straight
  • Take your left hand and pull your proper knee throughout your physique towards the left facet of your mat
  • As soon as your knee hits the ground (or involves relaxation on a block or pillow), ship your gaze skyward or if it feels okay in your neck, in the other way of your bent knee
  • Cactus your arms and easily breathe and loosen up, permitting your low again to launch
  • Stay on this pose for 2 minutes, after which slowly come out and change sides

A twist is a useful pose earlier than mattress as a result of it detoxifies and rehydrates your spinal column.

Little one’s Pose Variation with Fists in Hip Crease

This variation of Little one’s Pose is nice to do earlier than mattress, particularly should you had a big meal for dinner or are experiencing any digestive points.
Childs Pose with Fists
The best way to Follow This Little one’s Pose Variation:

  • From Desk High, convey your massive toes to the touch and unfold your knees a bit wider
  • Decrease your seat to your heels
  • Make fists with each fingers and place them in your hip creases the place your thigh connects together with your higher physique
  • Snuggle your fists inside that crease and begin to bend ahead, enjoyable your brow in direction of the mat
  • Maintain this pose for 2 minutes, specializing in enjoyable your total physique

Your fists will insert close to your ascending and descending colons, sparking your digestive system. This would possibly really feel a bit uncomfortable in case you are very full, however this pose may help relieve fuel, rigidity, and fear that we maintain in our guts.

Little one’s Pose

It is a good posture to observe the earlier Little one’s Pose variation.
Childs Pose
The best way to Follow Little one’s Pose:

  • Maintain your legs the place they’re out of your Little one’s Pose variation above, and gently take away your fiss and lengthen your arms lengthy on the mat
  • Your bum would possibly carry up out of your toes, which is okay
  • Carry your brow to the mat and stroll your arms as far ahead as you possibly can to actually lengthen your backbone and stretch your higher again
  • Keep for at the very least 10 deep breaths, or longer should you really feel inclined

This posture would possibly really feel tense in your hips, and if that’s the case, simply maintain it for ten deep breaths (longer in case your physique tells you to remain). Let your stomach hold heavy – no belly engagement – and concentrate on clearing out your thoughts and ideas throughout this restorative resting pose.

Legs Up the Wall Pose

A closing bedtime pose earlier than going to sleep is Legs Up the Wall – an notorious stress buster and fan favourite. Legs Up the Wall is an ideal pose for high quality sleep as a result of the blood rushes right down to your main joints and helps settle the thoughts earlier than mattress.

You possibly can observe this pose towards a wall so the again of your legs are resting on the wall (that is ideally suited) however you too can do that pose within the heart of the room. For those who decide for the second alternative, merely stack your ankles and knees above your hips and also you’ll discover that ‘candy spot’ the place your legs can stay prolonged with relative ease.
Legs Up The Wall
The best way to Follow Legs Up the Wall:

  • Lie in your again and lengthen your legs skyward such as you’re attempting to stroll on the ceiling
  • Stack your ankles over knees, knees over hips
  • Permit your arms to relaxation by your sides
  • For those who’re doing this towards a wall, you’ll shimmy your proper hip as near the wall as you possibly can, after which come onto your again and lengthen your legs skyward with the again of your thighs resting towards the wall
  • Take in all of the enjoyable advantages of this pose for 5-10 minutes, then slowly come out the identical means you got here in

Discover how nonetheless the thoughts will get on this pose and the way relaxed you are feeling when you end working towards it.

Straightforward Seated Pose for Meditation

When meditating after the earlier poses, attempt to concentrate on how gentle your physique feels and visualize the breath coming out and in of your nostril. If you need, you possibly can play tender music within the background or gentle candles to assist calm your thoughts much more.

Attempt to observe this meditation on a block or pillow so it helps elevate your hips over your knees, leaving a transparent line of power to journey up the principle power channel alongside your backbone. You can too do that mendacity down and even in mattress should you’re prepared to fall asleep proper after!

Easy Pose
The best way to Follow Your Seated Meditation:

  • Discover your comfy seated place together with your prop
  • For those who’re seated, sit up tall and stack your shoulders above your hips
  • If it feels comfy, you possibly can shut your eyes; in any other case take a tender gaze a foot in entrance of you
  • Breathe deeply and evenly and attempt to preserve your thoughts centered on following the inhales and the exhales
  • Stay for 10 breaths or 10 minutes – no matter fits your wants on this second


Meditating earlier than mattress not solely relaxes you, however it additionally clears out pointless worrying and checklist making that we might habitually do earlier than mattress. It’s an effective way to solidify the enjoyable, calming, and therapeutic advantages of this bedtime yoga sequence.

Cease Counting Sheep and Do Bedtime Yoga As an alternative!

This yoga sequence is designed to calm your thoughts, physique, and soul. Every yoga posture is supposed to deepen your relationship with your self and aid you discover a deeper sense of rest bodily and mentally.

There aren’t any set guidelines: should you don’t like the best way a pose feels in your physique, merely skip them and do the poses you can. Solely you possibly can really feel what your physique is telling you, so hearken to it.

Keep in mind: these poses are usually not meant for power constructing. As an alternative, this restorative method is supposed to get into your sympathetic nervous system and launch rigidity and nervousness from our minds.

Get pleasure from, and candy desires, yogis!

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