23 July to 22 Aug

A Listing of Birthstones & Meanings For 23rd July to 22nd August

Written By Liz Oakes

Discover the Leo birthstone checklist. It supplies the meanings of the stones which can be recognized to be the perfect therapeutic crystals for you to use in case your birthday falls within the astrological signal of Leo.

These stones are recognized to particularly assist the Leo individual. Begin by wanting via the
checklist of stones as this will assist
you to determine which Leo Birthstone to use.

KunziteKunzite Crystal Pendant

Every of the birthstones in your signal have been chosen based mostly on their particular vibration and all of those stones are appropriate for anybody of this star signal.

However you’ll presumably acknowledge, if you be taught the meanings of the stones, and by studying extra particulars regarding them, chances are you’ll determine that certainly one of these could curiosity you greater than the others. 

Just by carrying your favourite stone you may additionally find a way to heal a selected space of concern. 

A Information To Which Leo Birthstone To Select

You’ll have certainly one of these in your present jewellery, so take a look on the stones you already personal. 

After you will have learn each the checklist and the meanings of every of the stones on it, you might have considered trying to discover out extra data on a selected Leo birthstone.

Leo birthstone jewellery is regularly comprised of most of the crystals on the checklist, as there are fairly a number of very engaging stones listed.

It’s attainable to purchase a lot of these listed as birthstone jewellery, and
it may be most helpful to hold therapeutic crystals in your physique throughout
the day, to assist you to make the most of this vibration.

It’s helpful
that you’ve got a lot of birthstones to select between for every
signal, and any of the stones have the potential to help you with a
number of various points.

Some stones will assist you to develop psychic talents or to improve your creativity.

So it’s value studying in regards to the methods every stone will assist your life, and your general well being and well-being.

An excellent variety of the stones on the checklist are highlighted with a hyperlink.
This hyperlink will take you to one other web page on the location the place there may be
in-depth details about that stone.

So if one of many summaries on a
explicit stone appeals to you, you possibly can go to that stone’s web page and
be taught all in regards to the different issues that it will probably do to profit you.

Do You Know Your Astrology Signal?

Though most individuals know their very own astrology signal, if you’re considering of shopping for a present for somebody, chances are you’ll be uncertain of their signal.

The next checklist that’s proven under right here, will aid you to work out which signal they’re. The checklist of astrological indicators, outlines the date in every month that they begin and end.

  • Cancer June 21 to July 22
  • Leo July 23 to August 22
  • Virgo August 23 to September 22

Leo Birthstone Listing

On the checklist under you can find a lot of the astrological birthstones for Leo. Offered below the checklist is extra data on every of the stones on the checklist, so that you could set up with certainty which one you suppose would be the one for you to use.

As well as there’s a list of birthstones by month which will provide you with extra data.

The data will present a spread of various issues together with the therapeutic attributes. It encompasses as many as attainable of the stones which can be recognized to be useful to you if you happen to had been born on this star signal.

Extra could also be added to this checklist even when they don’t seem right here as but. You may see that some stones belong to a couple of signal as their vibration is understood to be efficient in these indicators.

If you need to see the checklist of zodiac birthstones for all of the indicators, that covers the traditional, conventional and trendy birthstones, the complete checklist is on the zodiac birthstones page.

Leo Birthstone Listing

  • Amber
  • Black Onyx 
  • Carnelian
  • Citrine Crystals
  • Danburite
  • Dumortierite
  • Emerald
  • Garnet
  • Golden Topaz
  • Heliodor
  • Kunzite
  • Labradorite
  • Larimar
  • Muscovite
  • Peridot
  • Petalite
  • Pietersite
  • Rhodochrosite
  • Ruby
  • Rutilated Quartz
  • Sunstones
  • Yellow Sapphire
  • Zircon

Leo Birthstone Meanings


Amber is a beautiful golden stone that started its life as tree sap, that hardened and fossilized over 1000’s of years, till it grew to become the attractive stones we all know at the moment.

This Leo birthstone has a fairly robust vibration inside each the
photo voltaic plexus and the sacral chakra, and are recognized to assist you to enhance your creativity.

They’ve a superb impact on the feelings, serving to you to get better from melancholy, and creating a greater outlook on life.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a stone with a magical power, and was used previously to carve into magical amulets, and will assist previous life exploration.

It’s a robust religious grounding stone and can take the power down via the bottom chakra to the earth star chakra to be grounded inside Mom Gaia.

This stone helps if you’re finding out, as it’ll aid you to persist when the going will get powerful, and it has a robust power to assist your precise bodily physique.

It is rather helpful to use it you probably have been sick for an prolonged interval, to aid you to decide again up your power and energy and helps stress and aids you to take care of emotions of grief.


Carnelian stones are glorious aids for anybody having difficulties with sexuality and
replica, and if that is the place you require help chances are you’ll select
to hold a stone in your physique.

They’ve a definite affect on the bodily degree to help therapeutic, and are robust stones to assist sexuality.

As soon as they’re throughout the auric area for a while, their vibration flows within the bloodstream to the entire physique.

Their affect is most felt throughout the decrease three chakras and significantly the sacral or navel chakra.

Pretty Leo Birthstone jewellery comprised of this stone will probably be extremely helpful to assist all areas of the physique.

Citrine Crystals

Citrine Crystals are a strong stones to aid abundance and prosperity, and have a constructive vibration which will induce happiness, pleasure and hope.

They assist to enhance the stream of constructive power within the physique, and if
you utilize them to meditate with, they’re recognized to open the third eye,
and create a strengthening of your visionary talents.

This Leo
birthstone is a wonderful assist to aid you with enhancing creativity,
and by carrying them in your physique chances are you’ll assist the method.


Danburite is a lovely crystal that helps to stimulate self love, emotional therapeutic. It has an power that evokes enlightenment and religious progress, by stimulating the expansion of religious gentle.

This stone useful to assist the discharge of hysteria. Its power brings
you peace of thoughts and permits a beautiful reference to the upper
religious realms.

It is a excessive crystal power stone, and is highly effective used along with different related excessive vibration stones.

The Golden Danburite has a really pretty excessive power that aids connecting with angels and lucid dreaming.


Dumortierite could assist you to heighten your growth of psychic presents and in
explicit boosts clairvoyant talents and the related psychic

This blue Leo birthstone will help you to arise for your self,
and can aid you to be extra affected person. It has a selected frequency that
could convey via previous life visions.

It eliminates excitability
and will aid you to hear the voice of the Divine and to hear the
ideas of others. It’s primarily seen as a blue stone, though it
additionally is available in different colours, (much less frequent).


Emerald Stones have a strong love vibration, so they’re advantageous when they’re worn shut to the center, as this power will radiate out and fill your life with loving emotions.

These pretty pure crystal stones embody the power of the inexperienced ray, a strong heart chakra based mostly vibration that assist you to fill your life with unconditional love on all ranges.

Carrying a lovely Leo birthstone pendant will assist anybody who’s on the lookout for a extra loving relationship

Emerald gems shut to you is extremely helpful in so some ways, as
it fills your life with the clear vibration of compassion, goodness,
reassurance, kindness and unconditional love.


Almandine GarnetGarnet

Garnet stones create a sound connection to the earth and vibrate inside each the base chakra and the earth chakra. They create religious grounding and a sense of vitality and endurance to your life.

Their vibration aids you to launch worry and helps you to really feel supported by the power of the universe.

pink Leo birthstone is understood to assist your sexuality and the well being of the
decrease abdomen, to enhance relationships, and to help the
manifestation of abundance and prosperity in your life.

Golden Topaz aka Imperial Topaz

Golden Topaz is often known as Imperial Topaz and Yellow Topaz, and is a robust stone to create a rise in your private wealth and could assist you to manifest money.

It vibrates strongly on the photo voltaic plexus chakra, and this power could
be used to assist your will to convey the stuff you need into fruition.
These are primarily the issues which can be in your highest good.

is a strong stone to put on in your physique, to encourage an inflow of all
varieties of helpful objects and other people into your life.


Heliodor is a vibrant golden yellow stone that may be a kind of Beryl. This stunning yellow stone embodies the golden ray inside it and its power additionally resonate throughout the crown chakra.

The impact of the power of those stones could stimulate your mind and help you to suppose higher, and will increase psychological exercise.

These pretty stones even have a robust motion throughout the photo voltaic plexus  or energy chakra.

is a useful stone to put on on the physique because it has a great motion to assist
the therapeutic of points throughout the abdomen, via its motion in each the
photo voltaic plexus and navel chakra areas.

The vibration of this Leo
birthstone has a great motion to increase your willpower, and it additionally will
assist to convey the power of the thoughts and the need collectively.

these areas collectively helps you to allow the affect of Divine Will
inside you, and this vibration can help you to achieve the circumstances
you might be on the lookout for in your life.


Kunzite vibrates with the power of affection and is each a coronary heart chakra and higher heart chakra stone. It has a excessive vibration that stimulates love, and aids you to really feel delicate to the wants of others.

In the event you permit these emotions to permeate your being, this will create an enchancment in your private relationships.

Leo birthstone makes you conscious that you’re one with the Divine. Its
vibration helps you to really feel actually loving, and it’s a great stone to
give or be given as a love present.

It helps you to launch negativity, and brings you pretty emotions of sensuality, pleasure and happiness.


Labradorite is a beautiful crystal with an power that makes life a pleasure. That is partly as a result of its vibration brings a rise of occurrences of positive coincidence or synchronicity into your life.

Its vibration is extremely protecting and is understood to forestall psychic
assault because it creates a barrier round your aura when it’s inside your
auric area.

This is a wonderful cause to hold it in your physique. They’re great stones to assist the present of psychic powers.

birthstone jewellery comprised of this stunning stone may be fairly distinctive,
as this stone happens in so many various colours and shades.


Larimar is a robust throat chakra stone, that has a vibration that aids robust clear communication. Inside this engaging blue Leo birthstone you will note the colours of the ocean and the sky.

It has robust therapeutic energies that helps muscle tightness, irritation, infections and pores and skin issues.

It helps you to let go of embodied unfavorable feelings corresponding to anger and different harmful feelings.

will assist you to make contact with the Goddess, and by accessing the
Divine Female chances are you’ll soothe and heal your feelings and let go of


Muscovite is a helpful stone to use you probably have unintended effects attributable to fast awakening of psychic powers, and it’s also a superb psychic safety stone.

This Leo birthstone will assist you to have a better consciousness of your
larger self. It produces better religious progress, and can assist to awaken new psychic gifts and skills.

you will have dyspraxia, and expertise issues with clumsiness and
left-right confusion, it’ll assist to ameliorate the issues.


Peridot is a lightweight inexperienced stone that has a beautiful power, like a ray of sunshine lighting up your life. Their vibration is certainly one of enhance, so they may aid you to manifest good issues in your life.

They’re a constructive stone to use to assist you to manifest cash, so carrying a chunk of the stone is extremely helpful.

Carrying Leo birthstone jewellery comprised of Peridot stones is advantageous to enhance all varieties of good issues into your life.


Petalite is a excessive crystal power stone with a excessive pure vibration that aids connecting with angels, whereas defending you from any negativity.

This pretty pink crystal permits you to entry the upper religious
realms fairly simply, and encourages you to meet religious beings there.

is stone of the pink ray, that vibrates inside each the center chakra
and the thymus chakra, and creates peace and concord and loving power.

It might heal any relationship issues as you start to dwell your life from a coronary heart based mostly perspective.


Pietersite has a strong power that’s recognized to unite the power of the photo voltaic plexus or energy chakra and the third eye chakra, and are recognized to improve precognition.

Use this stone on the photo voltaic plexus, the place it’ll stimulate your private energy and improve your will-power.

This could allow you to use your will throughout the third eye chakra to create enhanced psychological talents and creativeness.

could help you with inter-dimensional journey, if you happen to make the most of their
robust potential to assist the need and determine to make it occur.


Rhodochrosite are stones that can aid you with healing your inner child, and any associated emotional issues.

They might be utilized in physique layouts on the photo voltaic plexus chakra, to help you if you end up coping with issues that originate in your childhood.

They vibrate on the base chakra, photo voltaic plexus chakra and coronary heart chakra, and carry a robust love vibration.

Not like many coronary heart chakra stones this love power relates to your self.

This Leo birthstone is a wonderful assist to stimulate you to forgive your self for any previous points that could be regarding you, and they’re recognized to assist the therapeutic of a spread of emotional issues.

Ruby Stone

Ruby Stone has robust alchemical attributes which will awaken a way of bliss inside
you, and is understood to
be a helpful stone for bettering private relationships.

This can be the rationale why it has all the time been fashionable as birthstone
jewellery and as a love token.

This stone could encourage your ardour for all times, and by conserving this stone inside your aura it
additionally supplies psychic protection and religious grounding.

It’s a stunning pink coloured crystal that has been historically used all through historical past due to its extraordinary magnificence.

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz is quartz crystal that embodies inside it inclusions of Rutile. It’s common to see the engaging Golden Rutilated Quartz in jewellery as it’s an inviting colour.

You can too see some silver Rutile within the piece within the photograph. The
colour of the Rutile inclusions within the quartz varies, and could also be
red-gold, silver, gold or black.

It’s common for these items of
Rutile to be needle skinny, they usually act like tiny conductors of power.
Though the totally different colours have totally different properties, all of them act
to ship the power zinging out from the stone.

It’s a fashionable
stone utilized in jewellery as it’s each engaging and has a strong
power. It’s recognized to amplify your ideas and to improve your psychic


Sunstone will energize your physique to allow you to convey via a robust capability to help and reinforce the event of the Merkabah throughout the Lightbody.

They’re pretty stones for serving to you to really feel pleasure and happiness, and
if you’re struggling melancholy they could aid you to really feel higher

When you’ve got ever felt melancholy within the winter from the shorter days, generally often called SAD (Seasonal Affective Dysfunction).

will aid you to really feel extra constructive, and they’re going to assist your religious
progress. These stones are recognized to aid you to manifest cash, however this
relies on if that is in your highest good.

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow SapphireYellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire is a stone that vibrates strongly throughout the photo voltaic plexus chakra. Utilizing the facility of your will, chances are you’ll be enabled to manifest no matter you need in your life.

This stone is usually discovered as a gemstone and these are great stones to put on as jewellery. They’ve historically been worn in India by retailers, to make sure the success of their enterprise.

It has a robust potential to encourage the expansion of your private abundance and prosperity, as they stimulate the photo voltaic plexus chakra and assist you to extra simply focus in your intentions to obtain what you need.

Zircon Crystals

Zircon Crystals are spiritually protecting and have a superb degree of religious grounding power, so are good to use to do your daily meditation with.

These stones have a robust religious power that can assist you to love your self and others.

aid you to acknowledge the religious points of your self and can assist
to convey the virtuous points of your self into stability.

additionally pretty stones to put on, and as they’re a Leo birthstone a chunk of
jewellery comprised of this stone could also be helpful for you to put on.

“Resolve what you need and determine what you might be prepared to trade for it. Set up your priorities and go to work.” H L Hunt.

Your Leo Birthstone

LarimarLarimar Stone Pendant

The Leo Birthstone checklist has some actually pretty stones that make magnificent jewellery. This isn’t stunning as Leo’s are well-known for his or her deep love of magnificence and luxurious.

When you be taught the options of the totally different stones which can be on the checklist for the astrological signal of Leo, you possibly can use your intuition to assist you to determine the perfect one for you.

The entire stones are a superb selection for anybody of this star signal, but some could enchantment greater than others. Check out the meanings and chances are you’ll discover that certainly one of these could enchantment to you greater than one other.

RubyRuby Gemstone Ring

Use the Leo attribute of being open-minded, to take a look at the actual
cause in your selection, even if you happen to would reasonably not imagine you want

Leo’s are leaders and chances are you’ll want to take the lead your self and select what you might be being led in the direction of by your instinct.

Use your beneficiant nature and be beneficiant with your self and select the Leo Birthstone that you just actually want.  In case you are open minded and open handed, you’ll find yourself with the proper stone for you!

Leo BirthstonesLeo Birthstones

Whenever you purchase a brand new stone or crystal, it’s advantageous to apply it to its
personal first. As soon as you might be totally conscious of its power, chances are you’ll select to
mix it with different stones. Mix stones for brief intervals to start
with, as people could react otherwise.

However realizing how one can mix
numerous stones could also be useful, as this permits you to get probably the most from
your crystals, and will aid you to remedy particular issues in your life.

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